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Apr 28, 2007 07:50 AM

Tree, on 1st Ave.?

I just noticed this new spot Tree on First Ave. in the East Village, in the space that I think used to be Brunetta's. It got a positive mention by Gael Greene in this week's New York magazine. Just wondering if anyone has tried it out yet? The food at Brunetta's was nothing special, but that garden was so pleasant. I'm hopeful about the new spot and would love to hear details if anyone has them. Thanks.

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  1. Earlier thread:

    I've been meaning to give it another shot, because it was actually pretty good. I just thought it could be a few bucks cheaper.

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      Thanks. I thought I had searched before posting this, but I missed that thread. I like Leon myself, but especially in the summer, the garden at Tree might be worth spending the few extra bucks--at least for me.

    2. I went to Tree last week and had a very good meal with nice service and good prices. The garden was pleasant with nice crowd. Waitstaff was friendly. I had country pate for appetizer and short ribs for entree. Both were quite good all for $24. My friend had foie gros and salmon all for $25. Not bad. Wine list by the glass was short, but nice array of reds and whites. I'm glad to have a nice neighborhood place that doesn't break the bank.