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Apr 28, 2007 07:36 AM

Ginko nut recipes?

A local market has in-shell ginko (ginkgo) nuts. I understand that they are also sold shelled or canned in brine.

This site which has a recipe for ginko nuts with chicken says "Ginkgo nuts are used in soups, stuffings, desserts, dishes containing meat and poultry, and vegetarian dishes, as well."

It seems the most common mention on their use on Chowhound has been to boil them in congee. This also has a mention of ginko nuts in almond tea.

So ... if in congee ... what type ... canned? Do you just boil it all up together? Do you think this would work with oatmeal?

What other recipes do you have for ginko nuts .. fresh, shelled or brined.

More info about ginko nuts on the General Board.

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  1. Ginkgo nuts add a great bite to chawanmushi, the savory custard. Or, cooked up with rice in a takikomigohan. But, the best may be on their own, salted. See the article from the New York Times. A friend of mine, Ryan Becze, is mentioned in the article, as he would pick the nuts in Central Park for restaurant Masa.

    1. You can find a selection of ginkgo recipes here:

      looks like there are recipes for both nuts and leaves.

      1. Make gingko butter by roasting the nut and then pureeing them, add sugar and/or salt to taste.

        Also make barley soup dessert with gingko. Just boil the barley ang gingko along with some Chinese rock sugar.

        One of my favorite uses ofr gingko in a dessert is to steam some taro, mash it, then add boiled gingko and red azuki beans.

        1. The original comment has been removed