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Apr 28, 2007 07:34 AM

Best ( if any) brats in town?

I like me some bratwurst. Usingers out of Milwaukee is the best I've found brand wise. SMUGGLE SOME BACK IN MY CARRY ON EVERY TIME I GO.anyone know where I can get them here? or where they make a good REAL Brat...simmered in beer ,onions , and garlic, grilled to perfection , and dunked right back in the beer to await a slathering of mustard,a gob of kraut , and a toasted but tender bun .....mmmmmmmmmm.................

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  1. not sure how they're cooked but I've always enjoyed the brats at Best Wurst (the carts around the 6th street area...they move around but you can usually find one either near the Aquarium or Emo's). They had a stand last year at ACL and despite all the other yummy food options I ate brats with kraut and onions everyday....they were that good.

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      had'em ...Pretty good, huh? good hangover chow

    2. If there is anything like this -- or any good German food at all -- within Austin's city limits, I haven't found it. That said, I haven't hit Best Wurst yet, so I will definitely do that.

      Lots of mediocre options can be found. My favorite mediocre choice was the Draughthouse on Medical Arts; on Sundays at 5 PM, they'd offer free brats that were just about ballpark grade.

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        Walburg is a pretty short trip, and though I've only experienced their scaled back lunch menu, I was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the German food there. I don't think it would be out of the realm of reasonability to say it's the best German fare I've had since being in Germany. I thought their bratwurst was spot on, and the schnitzel is almost exactly the same as I had overseas. The sides are authentic as well; top notch sauerkraut, spaetzel, red cabbage and potato salad. Can't wait to get back some weekend to try out the extensive dinner menu with another few rounds of Aventinus while soaking up a decent facsimilie of Deutscher polka.

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          I'm excited about making a trip to Walburg; I've heard pretty good things.

          So far the best German food I've had in Texas is Der Lindenbaum in Frederickburg.

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            yep, brats on a stick in the walburg beer garden.I hear there's a place in Noack (outside of Taylor) that might have brats. I'm not really lookin' for German food, but specifically brattys. Like in Milwaukee or Sheboygen (the bratwurst capital of North America ) where they are delish. Walburg beer garden is fun, before it gets too hot