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Best Bourbon Selection - retail sales?

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I'm looking for recommendations for the best bourbon selection in a retail store in the DC area. I live in Falls Church and work in DC. I'd go to MD if need be. I'm looking for a very hard to get bourbon (George T. Stagg) so I'm thinking a retailer with a big selection that will be able to get it when available. I like Schneiders in DC and the VA ABC stores actually do pretty well, just looking for other options. Any advice appreciated.

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  1. Potomac Wine & Spirits on Wisconsin. I get my 1792 Ridgemont Reserve from Steve over there - and he'll get you anything at a very, very good price.

    1. Hello- I have a Maryland Beverage Journal (Lists all liquor and wine available in state and from which wholesaler). George T Stagg is distributed by National Distributing in MD. Try Corridor Fine Wine and Spirits in Laurel, MD. (Disclaimer: I am affiliated with that store) and they can special order for you if the wholesaler has in stock. Also-biased opionion, but the store also has a good bourbon selection. You can also try to special order from the VA ABC if Stagg is your drink and you want to order that. They have a website: http://www.abc.state.va.us/SpecialOrd... which has the Stagg listed for 51.90/bottle.

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        Thanks, this is very helpful. VA ABC lists it in their special order catalog but tells me they can't get it. Strange. I'm not sure if the store manager just isn't trying or what the deal is. Just not very helpful -- feels very much like I'm talking to a state employee, not a businessman. I'm going to try the special order contact in Richmond or wherever he is in the 804 area code.

        I'll also check out those stores, thanks for the advice.

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          Corridor is one of the best liquor stores I've ever been to, and I have the good fortune to live right across the street from it. It's about the size of a typical Office Depot or other big-box store, and they have literally everything. There's an entire AISLE of whiskey, not mention all the other stuff.

          The only drawbacks are:
          They don't have a lot of cold beer. There's a ton of beer, including some very, very, niche stuff, but little of it is cold.

          And if you're under 25, they photocopy your driver's license every time you buy something. It's a minor hassle, but I really don't like them doing it. It wouldn't be so bad, but I've never managed to get a straight answer from them about why they do it, which is really annoying.

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            They claim its an Anne Arundel county law, but I've never heard of another place doing it.

        2. Schneiders is very good, Ace Beverage on New Mexico is good as well and the owner is a huge bourbon drinker I believe. VA is terrible for purchasing liquor. Also, don't forget that www.lenells.com will ship to you.