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Apr 28, 2007 04:42 AM

Mexican in Island Park?

Has anyone heard anything about this? Supposedly a good Mexican restaurant in Island Park, hard to there's no good Mexican in RI anywhere...

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  1. I asked a foodie friend who lives in that area, and here's what she had to say:

    "The name is….El Parque!
    Get it?
    It’s the small restaurant side of the bar formerly known as “Tremblay’s” right on Park Ave in “the Park”.
    REVIEW: Just so/so – sometimes the specials are good, Gerry really likes the Fajitas, good Margaritas, but I’ve been disappointed with it overall. The kid used to cook at Tito’s in Middletown, he grew up right in Common Fence Point. It’s worth a try."

    1. I've been to El Parque and was less than enthused. The chile relleno was bland and the burritos were boring. I also ordered a rocks margarita and found it ridiculously sweet. I'm from California, so I'm probably more picky about my Mexican food than most Rhode Islanders, but I just didn't see the point in ever returning.

      1. There have been recent posts about a Mexican restaurant in Fall River, near the foot of President ave. I have never been but was intrigued by the very positive reviews. When it comes to good Mexican Fall River and island park are pretty much one in the same, no?

        1. As the orignial poster, I'm following son and I went. Never again--and not really Mexican, at least as we know it. Any info on the Fall River possibility appreciated.

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            the place in fall river is called "caliente" its in a strip mall off 79 in the northside of fall river we went maybe a year ago it was pretty good byob great margarita mix great salsa and chips food was pretty good not "authentic" but good sorry i dont have total details but worth finding