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Apr 28, 2007 01:47 AM

Jalebi @ Apna in Cotati

Last weekend I got off 101 when traffic backed up to take the frontage road through Cotati. I'd not been back to Apna since my one visit and stopped there. A new owner took over 2 years ago. And he has signs up that kabobs and chaat will be coming soon. I asked him about the kabobs and he said he'd be using frozen(!).

Some cauliflower pakora were coming out of the fryer just then. I suspect they were for his afternoon snack. He offered me a sample with some green mint chutney squeezed from a glassine envelope. These were pretty good though I didn't like the chutney.

Fresh jalebi are delivered here on Fridays from Vallejo. Priced at $5/pound, I bought half a pound, as shown here.

These were a day-old already and showing it. Yet I liked the restraint with rosewater and would try them again when I can purchase them freshly made.

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  1. Taste of India in Fremont is a much cheaper place to buy Jalebis. They make their own & is fresh.

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      Freshly made from an Indian sweet shop is definitely the best (and cheapest) way to go. However, those are scarce on the ground here in Sonoma County, so I posted this sighting.

      Jalebi @ Rajjot in Sunnyvale -