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Fred's 62 Worth a trip?

I never been to Fred's 62. Is it worth goig and what do they do right / wrong?

Fred's 62
1850 N Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 667-0062

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  1. Hmmm...it depends on what you mean by a trip. It's decent diner-ish food with a hipster twist. It's a late night sort of place but I actually like their breakfast food the best. I would say it's more of a if-you're-in-the-neighborhood sort of place.

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      Well, Fred (Eric) does not own it anymore--which might be good or bad. I like the Thai Cobb Salad. The burger with a paper bag of fries is an artsy touch.

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        Eric? How did it come to be named Fred's 62?

    2. Attitude was hipper-than-thou, and service has been notoriously bad. After many moons of staying away from the place -- due to that attitude from them -- a friend dragged me there for breakfast one weekday morning. It wasn't crowded, and the server and food were just fine.

      I'd still rather go to Millie's, but Fred 62 doubtless has a more varied menu, and it doesn't have to be an insufferable experience.

      Of course, some people enjoy being surrounded with people who like to believe they're hip. And for that matter, pretty much everybody is hipper than me...

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        "Hipper-than-thou." i understand. It runs in that area like a vein ( or maybe Vain is better) all the way to Sweet Lady Jane. Not every place, but enough. Thanks to you all

      2. Maybe to spot a celeb or two, but everything on the menu is typical diner fare, except for the prices ...

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          Is this place expensive? Or is it really affordable? I'm assuming you meant IT AIN'T CHEAP. If so, =(.

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            It's diner fare with OK prices (slightly higher than what I would expect), most of the dishes are around $8-$14.

            Their Website menu used to list prices, but I guess that changed :\


        2. i'd go for the tart tatin pancakes or the waffles.

          1. If you live in the neighborhood and are looking for a place to eat late at night, then yes, Fred 62 is fine, although I concur with others about the (bad) service issues. I would not make a special trip to try it.

            As for the food, they have good french fries and I like their tuna melts and burgers.

            1. HORRIBLE SERVICE but a good burger and fries and good hash browns.
              I used to go there quite a bit because my friend lived next door and we didn't want to drive anywhere and lose our parking spaces.
              I haven't been for a little over a year and I don't miss it...drive to BLD on Beverly/Vista if you want good service and Great food.
              Oh, and as the name BLD (Breakfast Lunch Dinner goes), they've got it all all-day-long.
              If you just want diner eats at a good price and no attitude, just go to 101 cafe.

              1. While I'd have to agree with everyone that Freds does have its shortcomings they make the best eggs in a hole in LA. And their hashbrowns are straight from heaven. Good Arnold Palmers too. Definitely has a spot in my brunch rotation.

                1. Couple of years ago, we were driving past Fred 62 and the wife was having a severe low-blood sugar episode. I ran into this joint and asked to purchase single banana to go. A-hole behind the counter sold me a banana for $2. Never again...

                  1. It's worth going to if it's late at night, you're not far from it, and you like people-watching. Fantastic people watching. Food is ok.

                    1. Hard for me to say if it's worth a trip -- I live within walking distance. I moved to the neighborhood just after it opened, and the first time I went there I sat at the counter next to Ricky Lee Jones. If you're looking for hip, that's hip.

                      The food has always been good, but the service at first was atrocious and the 'tude was worse. After about three or four visits, I didn't go back for probably about five years.

                      Eight months ago I started getting up early to exercise, and since they're the only place in the area that's open at that time I started going there for breakfast -- I now go there almost daily. I avoid them on weekend afternoons and at late hours esp. on Fridays and Saturdays, but by 6 am or so you will probably be one of the only customers.

                      I certainly wouldn't go out of my way, they aren't anything that special but I'm glad to have them in my neighborhood.

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                        Ditto on most of the other responses -- worth it only if it's on the way and during really-late-night to sober up after some bar-hopping (like the nearby Tiki-Ti). If they haven't already closed, I'd much rather head to Malo's or House of Pies.


                      2. This restaurant is great if it's really late at night and you're really drunk. From what I remember their gigantic Tower sandwiches are delicious.

                        1. If you're a Fred Eric fan, the restaurant he now owns is the Tiara Cafe, on 9th St. just east of Main in the so-called "fashion district," downtown LA. Until recently it was open only for breakfast and lunch, but in mid-January it started serving dinner. I happened to be there the first night of dinner service (indeed, my wife, daughter and I were the very first dinner customers), and had a terrific experience both in terms of food and service. Plus Fred comped our dessert -- never a bad touch!