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Apr 27, 2007 09:34 PM

Chocolate desserts / Chocolate-themed places (for chocolate lovers)

I've been up to a major chocolate craving lately and is looking for a place in Toronto that can satisfy that naughty craving... are there places in Toronto similar to Max Brenner in the US that is famous for its chocolate dessert / drinks / dishes? I want to take a bite out of my monitor just by looking at this picture.....

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  1. Soma chocolates in the distillery. Spicy mayan hot chocolate, fantastic truffles, and fresh made gelato, as well as retail of a huge selection of micro plantation choc from around the world. Be warned, the mayan hot chocolate causes many "When Harry Met Sally" reactions.

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      Any idea of Soma's hours? I'm going to be in town for a conference next weekend and wanted to try it but the website didn't seem to be up to date.


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        I'm making an educated guess that it's probably from around 10am until 7pm, as I've seen it open those times. Sometimes later if there's an event going on. Enjoy!

    2. I have had some wonderfully satisfying chocolate moments at Chocolate Heaven on Danforth, just west of Donlands. It is a small, cozy place where everything is made right there. Cakes, squares, cookies, truffles, and all of the genre that many of our grandmothers might have made. The owner is genuinely interested in your thoughts on the products as well. Very enjoyable.

      1. At Laduree in Paris I had a Hot Chocolate that is rich and thick like lava. Since then I have not had a single hot choc coz the watery stuff here just cannot compare. Can I get that in Toronto? not at Soma.