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Apr 27, 2007 08:34 PM

sad chow in Fruitvale

Just got some takeout tonight from Sofrito's and I was really unimpressed. I got pollo guisado with rice ands beans, and maduros, plus a side of bacalaitos.

The bacalaitos was new...I'd never eaten salt cod before because I can't stomach the smell while it's being cooked, but I've been wanting to taste it all the same. That part was fine, actually.

But the plantains were kind of hard, and not very sweet, probably not really ripe enough to be used for maduros or else cooked briefly and not to order, I assume. The rice was ok, kind of dry, scant on the beans, not great rice really

The pollo guisado had congealed on the brief trip home, and though the chicken was moist and the serving was plentiful, it just really didn't taste like much. There was a big vat of it...they only do 3 entrees a night, it would seem not that hard to keep them fresh on the steam table.

I'm from Boston, and I really missed my local Cuban spot, which has always had perfect maduros, and its stewed meat dishes are brothy and fresh, and if they're not cooked to order they sure taste like it. (They might be cooked to order, it takes so damn long). Oh, Cuba.

They even use organic rice and beans, too. I was very excited about it. But organic doesn't mean anything if you don't flavor it well...sigh...

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  1. You may want to check out Amanecer in if you happen to be in San Carlos. They have Mexican food as well as tapas and Caribbean food. We find the Mexican food less interesting than the others.

    1. Sofrito is Puerto Rican, not Cuban.

      I had the bacalaitos (salt cod fritters) when they were at the farmers market, they were really good. Funny that they describe them as "seasonal" on the menu.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        yeah I know Sofrito is Puerto Rican. The Cuban place I referenced served very similar food to the pollo guisado I had but it actually tasted good as opposed to the things I had at Sofrito. Maduros are maduros and if they're good they're good.