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Apr 27, 2007 08:30 PM

Who makes the best Smoothies in the west LA area?

I live in Palms and work in the Marvista area and I have been on a smoothie kick these past 2 days. I was at Kaiser Permanente in West LA Wed night and when I was discharged the next morning I stopped and got a peach smoothie at their outdoor "cafe".
It wasnt bad. Today I got a strawberry smoothie at Cheviot Farms and wasn't that impressed with it. I was thinking of trying one at Harvey's Sandwiches tomorrows. Are there any places that you would recommend getting a smoothie?

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    1. re: Tari

      the mango lassi at the samosa house is kind of like a fresh and delicious!!

      1. re: Tari

        In Santa Monica there are alot of great places
        two of my favorites:
        for only 3.25 there is a place called Blvd. Cafe its on 19th and Ocean Park they have all kinds of tropical fruit flavors you can make any combo you like. My favorites are watermelon lime and Passionfruit strawberry
        Another great place is on 31st and ocean park, its a Boba and smoothie place, they put gelato in their smoothies.... sooooooo good

      2. I like the smoothies at 21 Choices frozen yogurt. They have locations in Claremont and Pasadena. You get to tell them what you want in the smoothie. I usually go with vanilla yogurt, some type of juice, frozen berries, and a little banana. The reason I like 21 Choices is because it tastes more real than other places (by "real," I mean, with less artificial flavors, additives, fake color, etc.) You also have a lot more control over what goes in your smoothie. You can come up with many kinds, I'm sure, and they have many mix-ins, yogurt flavors, and types of juice to choose from.

        Sorry, I just realized that you want places in West LA. 21 Choices doesn't fit the bill for that, but if you are ever out this way, check 21 Choices out.

        1. For the most part I tend to think a smoothie is a smoothie is a smoothie, but I do have a couple of suggestions:

          1. Papa's Porch, the rather eccentric and erratric lunch/ice cream spot on Pico near Veteran, has a fairly limited menu and the food is nothing special but there are two excellent and slightly unusual smoothies: a tropical with mango, lime and ginger, and my favorite the "Zen Vanilla" that includes almond milk, toasted almonds, and a touch of mango. Also the service is sometimes unpleasant (but today it was fine), but they do have Dr. Bob's ice cream. Unfortunately this place now closes every day at 5pm which is rather odd for an ice cream/yogurt place but there you have it.

          For more details see

          2. Go to Simpang Asia (right next door to Cheviot Farms), get the Es Alpokat avocado smoothie, suck it down; this will keep you going for days. They also have an Es Durian although this is, er, an acquired taste, and lots of other Indonesian desserts. Good food too. Lots of good reviews of this place on Chowhound, see eg

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            Also the honeydew melon juice at Simpang Asia is kind of like a smoothie since its frozen & slushy. It's delicious.

          2. Piknic just off Jefferson in Playa Del Rey has great smoothies. $4. You can also sit outside with your dog, if that's relevant to you at all. I also love all their food, they've got a great long menu.

            1. I've heard good things about Elixir at Equinox Westwood -- you needn't be a member of the gym to get a smoothie -- a co-worker says the protein smoothie is a great meal replacement.