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Apr 27, 2007 08:20 PM

L.O.V.E Produce Delivery?

I've noticed some people asking about produce delivery in LA, and I came across this today:

I don't know how the prices look, and I've never had experience with them. Does anyone know their reputation?

And if you have a KCRW Fringe Benefits card, you can get $50 worth of fresh flowers when you sign up for four deliveries.

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  1. i like the non-profit, sustainable TIERRA MIGUEL which is a veggie/fruit coop with many weekly pick-up locations

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      Seconded, thirded, fourthed and fifthed. I have so much to say on this subject of Tierra Miguel v LOVE, I'd fast be kicked off the board for posting half of it. How can I post about this issue? I'm guessing it's not really appropriate for a restaurant board?

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        Hi Aliris,

        Would it be possible for you to elaborate on Tierra Miguel? I currently subscribe to and find the customer service to be excellent, and the produce is also, except that they delivered unripe fruit twice despite my asking not to ever receive that. I'm open to trying to Tierra Miguel. I'm a little concerned about giving them $600 at one time though. ParadiseO is $25 / week and you can stop at any time or suspend service. Please share your experience, if you would. Thanks!

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          Hi SwissCharred -- it's such a big topic, and I'd *love* to expound on it! I can't at the moment though but for the time-being, please have a look at their website,

          I certainly understand your reluctance to fork over such a huge wad of cash at once. If you try phoning them, sometimes you can talk them into a "market basket", that is a free box to sample what you're shelling out for! Sometimes they've been snitty about this at the office, and other times someone has cheerfully agreed. If you leave your email here for me I'll try to at least get you a look at what comes, if not a free box if someone doesn't pick theirs up....I'll try to write a bit about the political/philosophical difference between LOVE and CSA's in general later....

    2. I don't have any experience with them, but I real have been enjoying my Paradiseo delivery.

      1. I have used L.O.V.E. for many years and find the service to be excellent. The produce is always fresh and good and the service is reliable and easy to use.

        1. I have been a member of South Coast Farms CSA and have not been disappointed with awesome fruit and veg. South Coast Farms is one of only two organic farms left in Orange County.

          1. My SO and I did LOVE about 5 years ago, as did a friend who had a family of 4. We both came to the same conclusion, that while we loved the novelty and the fact that they wouldn't send you what you'd specify you hated (no beets for me!) that there did end up being a real same-ness. They were obsessed with Chard. I love chard but after a year of LOVE it took me 2 years to even look at it again. You end up making a lot of veggie soups at the end of the week as well because since you can specify what you like and don't like you're a slave to what their market has going on, so there's a sory of quasi Iron chef aspect to opening up this larger-than-a-legal-file-box each week and saying "Okay, chard, rainbow chard, sunchokes, raspberries and 6 yams, what the hell do I do!" I'm a way adventerous cook, on the average Whole Foods excursion my cart is 50% plus produce, but LOVE, while friendly and earnest, was a little too much of a challenge for me. But I think if you were hardcore vegetarian/vegan and like being lead in your menu planning by what comes in the box as opposed to a pre-conceived notion/hankering of your own, it would definitely be for you. You could always check it out for a month, get your free flowers and see for yourself. Good luck!