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Apr 27, 2007 07:30 PM

Breakfast Burritos vs. Tacos?

I am not from Austin, and in fact just moved here (from New York) but I lived in California for a while. One of my favorite things to eat there was breakfast burritos, which was pretty much eggs, potatoes, bacon or whatever wrapped up in a tortilla.

Is there anything like that here? I assumed that breakfast burritos and tacos were the same except for terminology, but apparently they're quite different.

The first time I had a breakfast "taco" was at Magnolia Cafe (SoCo) and granted, I'm sure that is by far not one of the best places to get breakfast tacos, but it was basically a plate of scrambled eggs and potatoes with some soft tacos on the side that I had to sort of stuff myself and there weren't enough tacos and the whole thing was a mess.

This morning I had my second breakfast taco from Austin Java (Parkway-Enfield) and this was a little better -- since I got it to go, it was wrapped up for me, but if I'd wanted to eat it in the car it would have been everywhere. PLUS breakfast tacos are tiny! No wonder you always have the option to get two.

I know that breakfast tacos are an Austin (Texas?) thing, and I should embrace the local cuisine, but I'm just wondering, is there anywhere that serves maybe bigger breakfast tacos, or more eater-friendly/portable ones? Not a huge fan of "wrap yourself!" or whatever, especially if I'm getting it to go. Thanks! (And I don't mean to sound like a whiny b#tch, I'm just a little picky about food!)

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  1. You have only just scratched the surface of breakfast tacos (I can't imagine many taco loving 'hounds that would recommend the Magnolia or Austin Java for this regional specialty), so I will leave it to you, the search function and the input of others to help expand your horizons. That said, I grew up in California on breakfast burritos, and yep, it took me a while to adjust - they are quite different! THAT said, some of the great things about getting breakfast tacos at good places in Austin include: 1) homemade tortillas and chorizo, and 2) when you order three, you get to have three different combos, 3) 3 tacos at a place like Arandas are cheaper than any breakfast burrito I had in CA. Bigger is not necessarily better in breakfast taco world. THAAAAAT said, my absolute favorite breakfast taco in town is the fairly large Curra's machacado con huevo with is served with (not cooked with) their incredible heat-hot and decently spicy borracho salsa.

    But, unless you go to Freebirds or Chipotle, the portable foil wrapped burrito, breakfast or otherwise, doesn't seem to exist. I bring them home in coolers when I visit mom.

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      I love Enchladas Y Mas's breakfast tacos . Not dinky,good tortilla, lotsa gooey chese, and filling. My fave so far...
      Taco Xpress is good , too.
      If Ken's is still around, they may the biggest BT Iv'e seen in town.
      I prefer the tacos over burritos 'cause you get a variety without having a coronary. The way you were served with all the fixin's on a plate is more restauranty, but not uncommon.

    2. Eliza, I would recommend having breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday morning at Juan in a Million on East Cesar Chavez and ordering their Don Juan taco. They have other excellent breakfast dishes, but if you want a breakfast taco that is as substantial as a burrito, These are the ticket. Other good breakfast taco places that I enjoy are Taco Deli, and Taqueria Arandas (their tacos are small and cheap, and you order several). Arandas also has burritos and an option for their filling is chorizo and egg. I bet if you asked they could make you a breakfast burrito. Just remember to ask them to nix the lettuce tomato and sour cream.

      1. I think the problem is just going to the wrong places for a breakfast taco. Try most any mexican food place. Many set up stands outside their restaurant for breakfast tacos to go. The tacos are a bit smaller than what I'm imagining a breakfast burrito from CA would be like.

        1. Helen's Casa Alde in Buda has the best in the area. The Fatty taco is approximately 1 lbs. It has eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausage, and cheese...and only costs around $1.80

          1. Thanks everyone so far. I do live on the East Side so I'll have to start trying all the ones over here that people recommend. Just to clarify, though, I have no problem with the actual taste of breakfast tacos, and I have no doubt that I'll find some that I like (obvs not at Magnolia, theirs were pretty ridiculous, maybe they ran out of salt and pepper in the kitchen or something). I guess I really was just looking for bigger and more portable, something to pick up on the way to work and eat in the car, and it doesn't seem like I'll find that. Which of course doesn't mean that I'll stop trying breakfast tacos in general. I think I'll definitely try Juan in a Million, I got such an extended kick out of that name, bad/great puns really do it for me.

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              To make them more portable, ask them to double your tortillas if you are getting corn.

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                Don Luis Super Taco, although not near you, does have a large-size home made flour tortilla as an option for the lunch tacos. I would imagine that they could do that for a breakfast taco. I think that would get you where you need to be. Maybe try that on a Saturday or Sunday when you have time. It is at Pamer and Mopac, but it might be worth the trip if you were going to Fry's or something.