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Apr 27, 2007 07:18 PM

Victor Jr's in CC - VERY Tasty Sub!

I decided to try this place on a whim, as I had heard about it here, and just happened to drive by. I ordered the Italian Sub fully loaded, which when my number was called, came wrapped in one of those nifty retro submarine/torpedo sandwich condoms/sleeves.

When I got back to the office, I pulled it out of the sleeve and unwrapped it to find quite a heft sandwich sliced diagonally. Sub was nicely stacked with fresh lettuce, provolone, and roma tomatoes, along with capp, salami, and mortadella. It seemed like they dressed it with oil and vinegar.

I was hooked on the first bite. The bread was crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside - very fresh. The meats were tasty too, although if I had one complaint, it would be that it could have used a little more meat, but I find most subs lacking in that dept. Regardless, the quality of all of the ingredients created a synergy for me that is lacking in most subs due to one or more lower quality ingredients. This was not the case, and was a first rate sandwich.

It seems that they do a pretty brisk pizza business, and from what I could see they had some very nice looking NY pies.

The bottom line is that I'm delighted to have found a very good sub on the Westside - it certainly blows away Bay Cities, which I find terribly overrated.

Next time when I'm at Victor's I think I'll try either the sausage or meatball hot subs.


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  1. last week i tried it for the 1st time too. had a chicken parm sub. yum!! pizza, eh. they look better than they taste.

    1. Interesting. But where is Victor Jr's?

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        They're across the street from the Sony lot in Culver City, just west of the old Trader Joe's off Clarington. Driven by this place for eons - didn't even think of stopping by - until now... Thanks Moose and NYCnowLA...

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          fyi...they are not open on weekends!!

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            That would make perfect sense. Alot of the long-time downtown CC eateries around there get/are happy with the amount of business generated during the week - the bulk of it coming from the studio lot and surrounding businesses. Thanks for the heads-up - I was actually thinking about stopping by today... you saved me a wasted trip!

      2. Their chicken salad sandwich is my favorite, it is soooooo good!

        1. The meatball sub is also huge and it's fantastic!
          I do love their pizza too - the chicken parm pizza is great.

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            When I worked at Sony, we (either skinny or wannabes) had the meatballs once a week with salad for a low carb lunch. I would bring the leftovers home and make sandwiches for my husband (and me). One of the very few things I miss about working on the lot..

          2. Moose, thank you for this recent post on Victor Jr's. Like I mentioned earlier, I've driven by this place for decades - never gave it much thought. Tried them for the first time yesterday, and it was a great sub n' slice experience.

            We had five items from the menu between the four of us. A plain cheese slice, a chopped Italian salad, and subs with sausages w/ grilled peppers & onions, grilled chicken breast w/ lettuce, tomatoes & provolone, and the hot tuna salad with mozzarella.

            Although the chopped Italian was pretty standard, everything else got high marks from us all. The pizza sauce is something that I'm guessing they take great pride in. The flavor and texture gives me the impression that they refined this over the decades. and the crust is thin but substantial in texture - good tooth and bite to it.

            The sandwiches were well-prepared as well. I know they are known for their meatballs, but I like to get a feel for Italian places by how their italian sausages are. Victor's isn't perfect for my tastes - I would prefer more fennel seeds - but otherwise the sausages they use in the sub were tasty, and the pizza sauce with grilled onions and mix of red and green peppers made this a memorable sandwich.

            The chicken breast was grilled with a nice slight char on it - very simple yet succulent and with the toasted roll it was just right.

            Surprisingly, the most memorable of the three was the tuna salad done like a tuna melt, but in their bread rolls as well. The tuna salad was exceptional, with chopped hard-boiled egg in it as well, and the oven-baking makes the salad integrate with the melted cheese just enough to where a bite from the sandwich leaves you pulling away from it with strings of melted cheese tailing along... I just didn't expect great tuna salad from an Italian sub&slice place...

            We will definitely be getting more food from Victor Jr's, but will order out next time. It appears that most of their business is take out or deliver. We live close enough to where everything hot will still be hot. I need to try their other pizzas, subs (both hot and cold as well their hoagies), and their entrees... their menu is quite large! Thank you again...

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              Thanks for the excellent report. I haven't been back since my original post, and am itching to try the Italian beef dip. It would appear that they claim their sausage is made on the premises, so I'm curious how the sausage sub will be.