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Apr 27, 2007 07:02 PM

been to johnny's pizzeria, mt. vernon?


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  1. Yes and its very very good. The service when I ahve gone has been awful and I had onehorrible experience where I waited 50 minutes. Its a sit down place and the crust are thin. The pizza is on par or slightly below the level of grimaldis, lomardi's, patsy's etc...Probably the best place in westchester to get real pizza.

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    1. re: Sambossanova

      thanks. what time were you there? going today around 3. not open sundays which is curious

      1. re: aklores

        you should be fine. I went around 7 on a thursday. Anyways, the place is defenitely worth a visit. I do not understand what the poster below didnt like about the pizza? Oh and the pizzas are big but veryt hin. I dont have a huge appetite but I could finish one by myself.

        1. re: Sambossanova

          whole family loved -- and 3 was perfect time. did only pizza

      2. re: Sambossanova

        Avoid this place, It is so not worth the visit!!! We waited almost an hour for a pizza. When it arrived the sauce was like dishwater and the toppings were sparse. It definitely was not the great pizza that people told us about. Two of the waitresses were rude and nasty. When my husband asked one waitress "how were things going in the kitchen?" she answered they were going good.

        At best, ordering desert was frustrating. The waitress informed me the coffee machine was already closed down and she was not going to start it up for one cup of coffee. Who asked her to? A simple I'm sorry we just closed down the machine would have sufficed. The desert was delicious despite the fact that it was served with one spoon and there were two of us.

        This was our first time there and so I asked to speak to the manager on the way out. However one of the women who appeared to be an owner said the manager was not there and the waitress piped in that she did nothing wrong. When I mentioned that she could have taken a different approach to informing me about the coffee and that I would have preferred two spoons with my desert she said "I am not a mind reader." At this point I don't care if they made the best pizza in the United States, I would not walk in there again. They are rude and unappreciative of their customers. I would much rather eat at Roma in Tuckahoe or take a drive to DaVinci's in Brooklyn where they truly have the best pizza.

      3. So not worth a visit. Their pizza was a major disappointment as were their wedges (heros). Ugh. Never again. For Westchester pizza lovers, I guess you'll have to settle for JOHNNY'S
        if you want to stay close by. I would rather take my $ to New Haven or Brooklyn [gladly].


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        1. re: Cheese Boy

          I have to agree. It is just too uncomfortable to enjoy eating there. Takeout might be okay, but it's not worth the schlep.
          I'm perfectly happy with Francesco's in White Plains or Michael's in Port Chester for pizza. If I want the real deal, I'll make the hike to New Haven, or Fairfield, wherever that is.

          1. re: dolores

            I was there once and that was enough...thin and saucy with hardly any cheese at pizza at Colony Grill in Stamford, CT....if Johnny's was next door, they'd be out of business....go to Colony Grill.

            1. re: bac528

              Maybe you have a different conception of what good pizza is but a thin crust is part of what makes a good "Neapolitan" style pizza. You can always order for extra cheese and the cheese is quality stuff unliek most places and the sauce isnt overly sweet and nauseating like your average pizza place. I dont understand why I am having to defend this place. It is obviously the best Italian style pizzeria around Westchester.

              1. re: Sambossanova

                totally agree. not gonna like this if your style's thick and cheesy. but for thin and crunchy (better quality, frankly) this was great.

                1. re: aklores

                  Sometimes Johnny's isn't consistent. I have had great pies and ones that were ok. I definately agree that if you don't like super thin crust pies it won't be for you. I don't like to eat in there when it is crowded. But the pies need to be eaten hot. I usually eat half of one in my car before driving home with the rest. Because they are so thin I can eat a whole pie myself, when I normally eat three or so plain regular slices.

                  I keep going back and forth between Johhny's and Totonnos in Yonkers for best Westchester super thin crust pie.

                  For either, when they are good... they are very good.

            2. re: dolores

              Michael's in Port Chester--is that the place on Midland Ave near Pathmark & Coyote Flaco? I thought their's was pan pizza?

              1. re: LHorch

                Yes, that's Michaels. I haven't been there in awhile, but no, it was definitely not pan pizza when I was there.

                1. re: dolores

                  I just passed by there today, and for sure on the sign it said "Michael's Pan pizza"
                  Never tried it though, maybe I will now :)

                  1. re: momof3

                    Uh oh, that doesn't bode well. To me, at least. Thanks momof3.

                    1. re: dolores

                      If we are talking about the pizza place at the corner of the shopping center with Pathmark in it - and I think we are - it's not pan pizza at all. It's regular pizza. Not as thin and neopolitan as a Grimaldi's or Totonno's (Never been to Johnny's) but it's a regular NY pizza place and while I've only been twice, it was quite good.

                      1. re: laylag

                        It is across the street fro, that shopping center. Right before Coyote Flaco.

                        1. re: laylag

                          Laylag, you're talking about Antonio's pizzeria in the Pathmark shopping center (next to the liquor store). They have very good pizza there if it's still the same owner. Michael's is across the street on Midland. Coyote Flaco had the best chimichangas on the planet when they first opened up. I hope they're still holding their own.

                        2. re: dolores

                          As far as I know, nothing has changed at Michael's. I went there for the first time probably 5 or so years ago and they had pan pizza then. My husband has been going there longer than that, and it sounded like it had been there for a long time.

                          It's not the typical New York-style pizza, but it's delicious nonetheless.

              2. johnny's does make a very good thin and not so filling pie, the downside is it is also very pricey, especially as each item is totally added,even if you try to have 1/2 on each a pinch i would go but it is getting so i will hold out for pepe's on nov 2nd.Pepe's and new york water- maybe out do new haven (L)

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                1. re: rich51

                  If you like thin crust pizza I would definitely recommend Johnny's in Mt Vernon. The staff is surly and dining there is a completely lackluster experience. You go for the pizza. Period. Forget about bringing it home -- it does not travel well.

                  1. re: lollypop

                    Johnny's has superb pizza,no doubt about it. Probably the best in Westchester (yes, much better than Tarry Lodge or Antica). If you want Napoli style pizza that is truly world class, head for Zero Otto Nove on Arthur the Bronx. It is worth the trip.

                    1. re: budinado

                      I never understood people complaining about the "decor" at Johnny's. It is a pizza place. They have chairs, tables, walls, ceilings and a floor. A kitchen for making pizza. And waitresses. Oh, and awesome pizza. No better of worse decor wise than most pizza places. I want pizza when I come to a pizza place. I don't care if I am stepping over bodies; just as long as the pizza is good.

                      1. re: chloe4ever

                        I think the pizza is good not awesome and not worth the 45 minute wait. We shared salad for the table and pizza and left hungry. Salad overpriced, pizza not big enough for 2 adults and 1 7 yo. For the price we paid we should have been stuffed and enjoyed ourselves. Not the case at all. I live in Mount vernon and have been there once in 7 years.

                        1. re: rolise

                          FYI for those who plan to try it out: CASH only

                          1. re: rolise

                            I both read about and heard the hype on Johnny's.
                            Tried it a couple weekends ago.
                            Good, not awesome, is how I'd put it, too.
                            If I'm going to Mt. Vernon for a 'za I'll go to Salerno's Lincoln Lounge every time. Pricey like Johnny's, but a much better overall experience - food, for sure, but also the atmosphere and demeanor of the staff.
                            I got laughed at at work the first time I tried a Lincoln Lounge pie. The boss brought a couple back one day. I tasted a slice and my eyebrows shot up and I exclaimed, "Man, this is great!"
                            I took the GF there, and of the pizza places I've taken her to - including Modern and Zuppardi's - she liked Lincoln Lounge the best.

                        2. re: budinado

                          Johnny's is good for Westchester, but that's not saying much as the pizza in the Souther Tier of the County is pretty horrific. My wife and I went to Tarry Lodge and were thoroughly unimpressed, but we will try it again.

                          As Budinado wrote, head to Zero Otto Nove on Arthur Ave. for pizza alla Napoli, and if you want a slice, go to Joe's in Fleetwood.

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