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Moving to Brooklyn

Some friends and I are planning on moving into an apartment in Brooklyn next fall. We're currently deciding between a place in Willamsburg and a place in Park Slope. I was wondering, from a culinary point of view, which would be a better area to live?

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  1. Williamsburg is better food wise, except if you live in the slope you have the food coop and the farmer's market.

    1. Park Slope is better food wise. There is some good stuff in Williamsburg, but there are some "top-notch" places in Park Slope (A Di La, Applewood, Blue Ribbon, etc.), as well as a ton of other good choices, especially along 5th Ave. Also, in Park Slope, you are surrounded by the food choices of other neighborhoods (Ft. Greene, Smith St., etc.) whereas in Williamsburg you pretty much have Williamsburg. Better choice of groceries in the Slope as well. But, that's just my opinion.

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        Agreed...though W'burg is catching up quickly, is far more proximate to the food joys of Queens, and has lots better bars!

      2. I think williamsburg has much better affordable options, while PS has better higher-end options. Depends on what you like to spend on dinner....

        W-burg has better beer, too! Barcade, Spuyten Duyvil, Brooklyn Brewery Happy Hours, Mugs.

        1. I've lived in both and I would definitely vote for Williamsburg for food, particularly if good cheap eats is a big consideration. If you're looking for fine dining though, then Park Slope would be it, although there are also a lot of aggravatingly overpriced mediocrities there. Even better for all food would be somewhere in the Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens region.

          As someone else mentioned you are also considerably closer in Williamsburg to the food wonders of Queens (my present residence). But be prepared to live amongst an awful lot of 25 year olds.

          1. I'm not as familiar with the Williamsburg food scene, but Park Slope has a whole lot. You've got two of the best restaurants in Brooklyn, Applewood and Al di la and a whole lot more along 5th Avenue, including Convivium Osteria and Stone Park. Plus you're closer to DiFara and Brooklyn's Chinatown.

            I agree with Al, though, that the all-around best eating in Brooklyn is in my own hood, Carroll Gardens. We've got the high end with Saul, The Grocery and 360, the middle ground with Bouillabaisse, Hibino and Bocca Lupo, and the low end (pricewise only!) with Lucali, Paninoteca and Ferdinando's Foccaceria. Not to mention a whole slew of awesome Italian snacks like lard bread, prosciutto balls and panelle, the Middle Eastern treats on Atlantic Ave, and easy access to Fairway and the Central American wonders of the Red Hook ballfields.

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              that's why i voted to park slope, because of the proximity to other neighborhoods like carroll gardens. you can walk from park slope to carroll gardens, ft. greene, boreum hill, prospect heights, even red hook, etc. , which all have good chow choices.

              yeah, williamsburg is closer to queens, but you aren't going to take a leisurely walk there. and there arent really any neighborhoods surrounding williamsburg with particularly good food choices.

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                Nitpick moment: 360 is very much in Red Hook, not Carroll Gardens (Van Brunt and Sullivan.)

              2. You won't be disappointed with food in either neighborhood. You should decide based on what "scene" you prefer. Williamsburg is grittier with more warehouses and probably more litter, a bit younger, a bit hipper and much quicker/easier to access the city from. Park Slope is prettier with more brownstones, a tad older with more strollers, and a bit further from the city.

                There's fantastic food in both areas. You should decide based on where you feel more at home.

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                  what about cobble hill?? i live here and think it is a perfect in between. smith street has a fantastic selection of restaurants, including ones similar to the higher end pk slope selections, and some great cheap eats on atlantic ave as well. also its a little younger, more bars than pk slope, but more subways and transportation than either wsburg or the slope. the borough hall stop is unbeatable. however, if i had to choose between the two now...i'd say wsburg now, and then wait for the park slope move when you have a baby or something in a few more years.