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Where can I find fresh compressed yeast?

Hi. I have searched high and low. I've called all bakeries, grocery stores, and health food stores (I.E. trader joes, whole foods, mothers market) in my area and no one seems to carry this item. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can find fresh yeast either in the LA area or OC area? Please let me know. I need it ASAP. Thank you so much.

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  1. damkavi:

    I used to bake on a regular basis and (this will tell you how long ago) bought fresh "cake yeast" by Red Star at my local Alpha Beta. Did you try/use the term "cake yeast" rather than compressed yeast and/or try asking by brand name, like Red Star. Also, check out this link http://www.redstaryeast.com/californi...

    Red Star claims that these California markets carry their product:
    Bel Air
    Food 4 Less
    Food Maxx
    Food Source
    Independent Grocers
    Knob Hill
    Save Mart
    Stater Bros.
    Walmart Super Centers

    1. Oh, and the other fresh yeast brand I couldn't remember earlier is Fleischmann’s Yeast. Here's Fleischmann’s Yeast's toll-free help line number: 1-800-777-4959. Maybe they can tell you who your local retailer is.

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        Thank you yinyangdi. Honestly, I've called about 1/2 of the places listed on red star's website and none of which have the product. When I call, I usually describe what I'm looking for and mention that it is a refrigerated item. I called Fleischmann's as well, but she couldn't guarantee that these retailers carry that particular product, just that they carry the Fleischmann's line. :( I'm so bummed. I've been looking everywhere for it and haven't been able to locate it anywhere. I even called up bakeries to see if they may have it and if I can buy a chunk or 2 from them, but still had no luck. Any other suggestions you may have? Thank you so much for the input thus far.

      2. Did you check Smart & Final?
        Been years since I've used it, but always found it in regular grocery stores in the refrigerated dairy section where cheeses were. You got to look closely because its not something prominently displayed.

        1. Ralph's carries fresh yeast during the holidays (Nov/Dec) only.

          1. Did you call Surfas in Culver City? They should have that.

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              Call Surfas. They had run out when I was there last week, but usually have it.

            2. I've found it only at the Ralph's on Wilshire and Bundy (or is it Barrington???), after scouring many locations including many, many Ralph's. In the refrigerated section, near the tofu if I remember correctly. Surfas supposedly carries it but they are ALWAYS out of it when I ask. And I never found a health food store that does carry it.
              If you find it, a great tip: it freezes well: thaw it for about 2 hours in your refrigerator and then use it normally.

              1. Try here

                The Home Beer Wine and Cheese shop in Woodland Hills. John may have it.. Yeast is important in beer and wine making, although it isn't the same as bread yeast. hey sell refrigerated yeast cultures.

                Also try Follow Your Heart in Canoga Park:


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                  Wow. Thank you for the tips. I will call these places and see if they have it before I make the trip up there. Thank you so much.

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                    I happened to go with a friend to what I consider a "nice Ralph's" in Westchester over the weekend and quizzed the manager on the way out about not being able to find fresh compressed yeast cakes anywhere. The manager at Westchester Ralph's (MWR) said that his store used to carry fresh yeast but since the store could not guarantee tamper free product once the stockers put product on the shelf (evidently shoppers were unwrapping yeast cakes from the foil wrapping and leaving it that way) it was removed from stock. MWR said that the high-end Ralph's (Fresh Faire or Marketplace) should carry fresh compressed yeast cakes.

                2. Chowhound favorite HOWS has it, at least the Pasadena location does for sure. It's about $3 for a 1oz cake.

                  When you need fresh yeast in quantity, Claro's Markets will sell you a 1 pound brick for less than $5. I know the location in San Gabriel has it, as I've bought it there previously, and I think I bought it at Tustin location once as well. Call the location near you before you go.....Covina, Upland, San Gabriel, Tustin, La Habra, Arcadia.

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                    I've found large bricks of fresh yeast at Nicole's, a wonderful gourmet food store in South Pasadena next to the Gold Line station.

                  2. I had the same frustrating experience in searching for this product. I was able to find some at:

                    Italia Bakery & Deli
                    11134 Balboa Blvd
                    Granada Hills, CA 91344
                    (818) 360-2913

                    It's not officially one of their products for sale, but since they use it in their bakery, they're willing to sell it to those in need. Hallelujah!!!