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Apr 27, 2007 05:52 PM

BBQ or Taco Caterer for Beach Party - Carlsbad/Oceanside

Hi- I'm hosting a birthday party for my husband on the beach in South Oceanside/ Carlsbad (North San Diego County). His favorites are BBQ (ribs, pulled pork, etc.) or Mexican (carne asada, carnitas, fish tacos, etc.) I would like for them to set-up and cook, not just deliver. I'm expecting 50-60 people. Does anyone have experience with great BBQ or taco caterers at a reasonable price ?

My total food budget (including service, tax, etc.) is about $1300. I did get a quote from Rick's Secret Spot in San Clemente, am currently getting one from Abbey's Real Texan BBQ. I looked into El Callejon and it looks like its even more expensive ($24/pp before service).

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  1. Try Phil's BBQ, formerly in Mission Hills, now in Point Loma. I'll bet they will deliver all the way to Oceanside.

    1. Yopu might also try The Chicken Nest. They do roto chickens and ribs and brisket I think.

      1. So I have not tried the food, but when I was planning my rehearsal dinner I heard a number of positive recommendations for a caterer called La Taquiza. Apparently, they come with a whole set-up, including hand-making the tortillas right there for you. The price is also far under your budget, allowing for ample cervezas...

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          Great, thank you for all of these recommendations. I'll look into all of them.

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            check out Las Olas for mexican catering -- they do a great taco bar setup.

            Also Famous Dave's opened in Vista and they cater -- went there last night and the food is really good, have not done thier catering yet. GREAT ribs.

            there is also Joey's BBQ -- good food but a word of warning, they have NEVER gotten our catering order exactly spot on. Either missing something or bringing way too much of one item.

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              I have been to a Famous Dave's in Salt Lake City. Is that the same one? Interesting. Will look into these options too - maybe not Joey's BBQ though. Thanks.

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                Oh yeah, looks like Famous Dave's is a major chain - I didn't know that.

          2. for BBQ, try Bar None BBQ ; they actually have a small Mexican menu as well. Maybe they might fit the bill.

            1. OH MY GOSH!! You have GOT to call the Hunter Steakhouse in Oceanside (760-433-2633, ask for John or Darlene). They do everything from rolling out the buckboard and grilling up quarter chickens and tri-tip (on the beach, in fact; they cater the Carlsbad Marathon/Triathlon every year) to catering upscale affairs with nice appetizers and salmon as an entree option (they catered my friend's wedding). Their prices are reasonable, too, and they offer all levels of service (everything from food drop-off to full service with linens). They do a Santa Maria style barbecue, and it's just damn good! Plus, on Wednesdays (call and check to see if they still do this), they offer the Santa Maria barbecue as an entree option at dinner, so you can sample the chicken, tri-tip, potato salad, pequinto beans, and cookie that they offer on their catering menu. Yum, yum YUM!!

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                Wow - this is great info! Thank you. I'm afraid that I haven't checked back in a while and already booked the catering gig with La Tequiza. I was excited that they would come on site and make the tortillas, grill the chicken and carne asada. It's simple tacos, salsa, guacamole, and muiltas. Not expensive and just the sort of casualness I'm looking for. Your endorsement of Hunter Steakhouse sounds ideal too! I'll have to try it next time. I will report back as to how the La Tequiza gig goes for future reference. Thanks again!

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                  Mmmmm, carne... :) That DOES sound good!