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Apr 27, 2007 05:47 PM

How about Little Neck ??

Ok earlier I had thought I would be moving to Auburndale but that fell thru...
Now it looks like Little Neck is going to be the place for us so I need to do some research.. While I wait for a closing date does anybody have some experience over there?? Any info would help....

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  1. lived in little neck for 6 years, just moved to whitestone.

    Tomi sushi 2 blocks east of little neck parkway on northern is fabulous, they also have an all you can eat..small place great roll selection
    the godzilla roll is the house roll, also try bay stationary, las vegas, ufo, and volcano. great for al u can eat..volcano is great as handroll too( shrimp tempura and spicy tuna)

    little bit north in great neck but worth the trip is bruces bakery and rest. grade A, thats on middle neck road

    harvest buffet is good for gorging and has a authentic foods style unlike most other buffets. thats on northern 2 block east of Tomi

    sal's pizza on northern by the little neck parkway has GREAT heros, eggplant and meatball stand out...tried the pizza once, it was good but nothing off the wall, go for the hot heroes

    theres a few other good places but i cant think of them right now

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      Northern Manor on Northern Blvd not far from Marathon Ave is a great place for Hong Cong style seafood. Dungeoness Crab Hong Kong Style is a favorite. Great soups too. Winter Melon with eight special ingredients is worth trying. Mostly Chinese clientele.

      I haven't tried the various Korean places but I'm sure some of them must be good.

    2. I've lived nearby for years so I'll throw some out in no particular order:

      aunt bella's- solid standard italian food (or it was when i last went)
      la baraka- french/north african
      kebab house- turkish
      northern manor- chinese/seafood
      giardinos- another solid standard italian spot, big portions- good for groups
      persian tea room- middle eastern

      And remember, Peter Luger is just a short trip over the border into Great Neck :)

      1. I ate at Conti's last night - it was fine, but nothing special. We liked both of our pasta specials, but the baked clams and tiramisu were pretty poor renditions. I have only been to Northern Manor for Dim Sum, but don't understand the praise the place gets. It is so worth it to drive the extra 15 minutes to Flushing.

        FYI - If you want to try Donovan's burger in Bayside - go in the next two weeks. It was sold and will be closed for 3 months for renovations. It will reopen as Donovan's but with different owners and an updated look/menu.

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        1. re: jmax

          Thank you all for the info !!!

        2. Cafe Vespi on Nothern Blvd. It is one block out of Queens