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A.O.C musts

First time at A.O.C.
Any recommendations-must tries at A.O.C.? Thank you

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  1. We were just there. Recommend you pick somewhere else. After going for several years the food has hit new lows. Lucque's is still decent depending on what you order?

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      I'm not sure the food was ever "destination worthy", but I always had a good time there - probably because it felt like NYC.

      BTW, I need a corkage worthy restaurant for tuesday night - any reccos? Went to CUT last time - good, but PRICEY and not really worth it, IMO. Will be bringing a 82 l'evangile and 96 margaux....thx.

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        My Home address is..........Oh a Restaurant? Angelini Osteria, Valentino, La Cachette. Buy something off their wine list and they will treat you very nicely.

    2. The cavalo negro is a must - its essentially sauteed spanish greens with garlic but its hearty and worth it.

      Also, I really enjoyed ordering 2 different half wine bottles that enabled the 2 of us to try two different wines, which was fun.

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        The cavalo negro is good but kinda oily. We made the mistake of ordering it with the sauteed mushrooms and the farro+wild rice dish and a plate of cheese and of course the olives and harissa and at the end of it all I definitely had an unpleasant feeling from all the oil. Don't make the same mistake as us! :)

      2. check out my post with review and pictures. We were just there a couple of months ago.


        1. this time of year they have fresh peas which are amazing. also the charcuterie is all excellant.

          1. I liked the lamb dish--
            I haven't been in a while so I hope the food hasn't gone downhill, like the first comment says.

            1. Went there just last month and absolutely loved it! Favorite dishes and absolute musts are: roasted dates, skirt steak with black olive aioli, and chicken liver crostini. Unbelieveable meal.

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                the dates, chicken liver crostini and the cauliflower were all awesome! but everything is great there - the only thing i am not impressed with is dessert.

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                  I agree you with you about the dessert, it could be a lot better considering the restuarant.
                  Maybe they should get Pinkberry-hehehe

              2. It's all about the dates. I also like the charcuterie plate.

                1. For me... the dates, the Roasted Cauliflower, the Clams in Sherry.


                  1. I love the arroz negro, the clams, the speck, whatever the daily fish prep is. And the Italian broccoli. I think brussels sprouts may be over for the season, but I love them so much there that I've ordered an extra order for dessert!

                    1. We went last month, and I don't know about it being downhill. There were 3 standouts:
                      - sweetbread
                      - fried oysters
                      - steamed clams

                      I hated the cavalo negro - it reeked of olive oil and it's hard to take more than 2 bites before getting sick (worse than eating multiple strips of bacon).

                      The squid with rice is a disappointment. If you have never tried the real stuff in Venice it maybe OK, but to me it's completely lacked the fresh taste of the sea that makes the squid ink dishes so addictive.

                      We had the pumpkin/sassafras pudding and it was good. Unusual flavor combo.

                      Full report:

                      1. Second the dates, grilled skirt steak and cauliflour. Also loved the fried tetilla, quince paste and romesco. Oh, and the sauteed mushrooms sound boring, but they are really very delicious.