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Copper River Salmon in Vancouver, Banff, Jasper, or Seattle?

Wanda Apr 27, 2007 05:38 PM

I will be traveling in May with a friend to Seattle, Vancouver BC, and Banff & Jasper, Alberta. My friend says that is the time to have copper river salmon, and I'm willing (as long as it's cooked, not sushi). What would be the best restaurant to have it in Vancouver? I'm looking for something not too exorbitant in price, and please include info on the address and neighborhood.

Is there a good place to have it in Banff or Jasper? If so, where?

Or would we be best off having it in Seattle? (I posted on that board too.)

Thanks so much.

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    Bob Mac Apr 29, 2007 09:11 AM


    I will leave the Vancouver suggestions to those on the west coast but I cannot think of a spot in either Banff or Jasper that might specialize or be likely to feature Copper River salmon. In fact the last time I had it, was over ten years ago and that was in San Francisco.

    Good seafood can be found in Jasper at the Fiddle River restaurant but I doubt that they would have Copper River although they can surprise with what they feature. Apart from them maybe the Edith Cavel restaurant at the Jasper Park Lodge but it is always a "heavy hit" and given the last few times we have eaten there I would not be confident in recommending it. I think Andy's Bistro...at least that is what I think its name is...is often recommended but it too can, in my experience at least, be hit and miss.

    In Banff where are a number of higher end restaurants which conceivably could feature it but expect that will have Canadian Atlantic or Pacific salmon rather than that from Alaska on their menus.

    Good luck. You will probably have better luck in Seattle than the Canadian locations.

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    1. re: Bob Mac
      Sam Salmon Apr 29, 2007 11:50 AM

      The whole 'Copper River' Salmon designation is a triumph of marketing over common sense.

      People pay outrageous prices for a fish that's as common as dirt in season.

      Somewhere along the line some marketing genius decided to use the name 'Copper River' to flog Alaskan Sockeye to the masses and it caught on-witness the burning desire of OP to eat this fish everywhere he goes.

      In fact many many more times the number of returning 'Copper River Sockeye' are sold in fish markets across North America-does anyone wonder where these extra 'Copper River Sockeye' come from?

      The answer is that crafty Alaskan fish processors-many of them Canadian owned-will sell any Sockeye caught around that time as 'Copper River' when they are in fact no such thing.

      Of course 'Copper River' is easier for some people to remember than Nass or Blueberry River Sockeye-but those are just a few of the runs that are sold under the 'Copper River' banner-again Canadian fish landed in Alaska and flogged to the naive/unsuspecting masses.

      Sorry to burst someone's bubble but the *BEST* Sockeye come from the Fraser River in BC-because their journey is the longest they have the highest fat ratio of all and are the richest tasting.

      When in Vancouver look for Fraser River Sockeye and forget about following the latest marketing scams-leave that to 'sheeple'.

      1. re: Sam Salmon
        Bob Mac Apr 29, 2007 12:52 PM

        Sam Salmon:

        Thanks for the info

    2. The Chowhound Team Apr 28, 2007 12:11 PM


      Please repost your query about finding salmon in Seattle on the Pacific Northwest board which you will find here:


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