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Apr 27, 2007 05:38 PM

Are Iron Works' Beef Ribs still Yummy?

When I was a little girl, my daddy introduced me to the joys of beef ribs (we don't eat pork) by treating me to lunch at the Iron Works BBQ place near Cesar Chavez. I feel in love immediately, but have yet to make it back to that particular venue. It's been at least ten years since that fateful visit...are their ribs still good? Or did I just not know any better, as I was a little girl with no comparison point? Also, do you recommend any other places for exceptional beef ribs? Thanks!

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  1. They're usually really good, but can be inconsistent. Some people might not like them because they come glazed with bbq sauce. I don't know of a better beef rib in the city limits, though I do love the ones at Cooper's in Llano. The beef ribs at Louie Mueller's have been too tough to chew every time I've gotten them. The County Line has okay beef ribs. They're tender, but could use more smoke flavor. Plus I hold their touristiness against them. Artz Rib House has them on the menu, but I've never tried them.

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      Iron works still rules IMHO. a rootbeer and a ZZFlinstones like stack of their ribs is heaven.
      A buddy of mine loves Artz ribs, but I found them too salty. Also they can sometimes taste old ( dry). County line is second to me, but out of towners love the lakeside deal

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        If you ever make it out to Gonzalez, try the Beef ribs at Gonzalez Food Market. Their Sausage is great as well. I like their Beef Ribs because they get kinda crusty and crispy on the tops but still moist and tender on the inside.

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          I'm really into the beef ribs at Artz. They can be slightly inconsistent there, but I always get the beef ribs / baby back ribs combo when I go.

        2. I've only been to Ironworks once, but they are the only beef ribs I've ever enjoyed. County Line beef ribs were terrible (tough and tasteless).

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            I'm with you on that note.

            Sometimes -- definitely not always -- the Salt Lick can have excellent beef ribs. When they're on, they're the best thing at the Salt Lick by far.

          2. I was told by a co-worker that Iron Works had the best BBQ in Austin. So earlier this week my boyfriend and I made the trip and decided to give it a whirl. I got the brisket plate and he got the sampler. The brisket was good, but i thought the brisket from Rudy's was much better. Then I tried some of my boyfriends ribs, and they were phenomenal! The best I had ever had. I was impressed. So juicy, tender, and full of flavor! Even the sausage there was exceptional. I normally don't like sausage but the sausage there at Iron Works was excellent!

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              Agreed... I am not a big meat eater... But, IW does rock. For lunch, I love their turkey breast sandwich. AND... they are the ones who introduced me to GOOD beef ribs. YUM