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Apr 27, 2007 05:37 PM

Copper River Salmon in Seattle, Vancouver, or Alberta?

I will be traveling in May with a friend to Seattle, Vancouver BC, and Banff & Jasper, Alberta. My friend says that is the time to have copper river salmon, and I'm willing (as long as it's cooked, not sushi). What would be the best restaurant to have it in Seattle? I'm looking for something not too exorbitant in price, and please include info on the address and neighborhood.

Or would it be better to have it in Vancouver, Banff, or Jasper?

Thanks so much.

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  1. Oh we go........

    I would say Seattle..

    And then I would say you can not have Copper River at anything that is less than exorbitant... Early in the season retail is usually 25 a pound for Kings, 22 for Sockeye.. restaurants are going to be in the same league...Your milage may vary.

    I would say go to Rays Boathouse in Ballard, Its going to be a $20 cab ride from downtown, but they really respect the fish. Another option would be to try Zoe in Belltown.

    What you really should be looking for instead of Copper River, Is Oregon Troll Kings, season is the same, Usually much cheaper, and I think better tasting....

    Good Luck !

    1. Oh any restaurant worth it's salt will have Copper River on the menu when it's in season. I thought the season doesn't kick in till June though...? The Tom Douglas chain, Elliott's, any little place like Le Pichet, Cascadia, Mistral, Rover's, Campagne, Steelhead Diner, Flying Fish, blah blah on and on...

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        Consider a Copper River red (or sockeye), which I think is a much better fish if properly prepared. The differences between kings from around the NW vary for a lot of factors but a Copper River red is special.

        Seattle is the most likely place given that Vancouver or Alberta might be more inclined to use Canadian fish.

        1. re: malarkey

          Agreed. You will find it almost everywhere (good suggestions above), and it will be very expensive.
          When in May will you be here? It's May tomorrow, and stores always start putting up signs weeks ahead of time to say when it will arrive, but I haven't seen anything yet. I too thought it was more of a June thing.

          1. re: christy319

            I've seen a few signs around the markets (in Seattle) that list May 17th as the arrival date.

        2. Folks-

          Just a reminder, this is the Pacific Northwest board, please keep the discussion local, the Canadian venues would be discussed on the Western Canada board.


          1. For the last 10 years we have been driving from Bellingham to Seattle and going to Cutter's Bayhouse for Copper River Salmon, that is about 90 miles from us and it is an experience. They do an excellent job with the fish and have a great menu beyond that. They feature it a number of different ways. If you have one crack at this or this is your first time, go there. The only problem is you will then have to come back every year, that's not too hard from Bellingham, but may be for you.

            google Cutter's Bayhouse

            1. The first day of fishing for Copper is May 14th. First delivery to Seattle will be May 15th or 16th. The best place for salmon in Seattle is Elliott's on the waterfront, IMO. Very fresh, very simple.