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Apr 27, 2007 05:34 PM

Favorite Fajitas in Austin?

I've done a couple of searches, but haven't really found a thread devoted to this specific topic. Where do you go for your favorite fajitas in Austin? I'm more interested in learning about steak, but am happy to entertain suggestions for a good chicken number too. Thanks!

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  1. Fajitas are absolutely my favorite food of all time.

    Favorite: Fajitas Al Guajillo at Polvo's

    Respectable fajitas:
    Texican Cafe

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    1. re: achtungpv

      I second the Al Guajillo at Polvo's. They have an almost Asian slant with the dried peppers and peanuts. Definitely a unique (and successful) take on a ubiquitous and sometimes banal dish.

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        Forgot about Garibaldi's. They have good fajitas also.

      2. Pappasito's

        with that said, let the stoning begin

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          I also actually really enjoy the fajitas at Pappasitos. While I rarely go there on my own, if the parents are in town and footing the bill (it can get pricy) it's a favorite. I honestly think they have some of the best shrimp fajitas I've had. The beef is good, but they really excel at chicken, which is never never dry....a real problem with fajita chic. at many restaurants.

          My other favorite is the Cerveza Fajitas (Beef) at Polvos. With a pitcher of their frozen margs. this is a perfect meal for me (ok ok....I usually share the pitcher with my SO). The beef is tender, juicy and has a unique taste unlike other fajitas I've had.

          1. re: ashes

            Los Comales
            2136 E. Seventh, 480-9358
            This is where the fajita conversation starts and stops.The finest in Austin.

            1. re: scrumptiouschef

              That's a bold statement. I will try them immediately!

              1. re: achtungpv

                Like scrumptiouschef, I love the carnes asadas at Los Comales. Both the regular fajitas and fajitas rancheras at Habeñero Mexican Cafe are delicious. I'm not a fan of Polvo's at all. A Google search will find more threads (and opinions) on the chow at both places.

                Here are a couple of links:




                1. re: MPH

                  MPH - have you had the fajitas at Polvo's, however? I thought that you had only eaten breakfast there before. Important point since fajitas is the subject here.

                  1. re: rudeboy

                    Remember our last long discussion about Polvo's? You asked me the same question then, too.


                    I'll review what I said then: I tried Polvo's once-highly-recommended breakfast food and didn't like it. I returned to try their highly-recommended fajitas al guajillo and didn't like them. Maybe the latter is one of Polvo's best dishes; maybe it isn't. That's not the question in this thread. In my opinion, there are better fajitas in town.


                    1. re: MPH

                      Shoot, I can't remember anything anymore, except that the issue was not settled in my mind. The deal is that I guess I never heard what was wrong with them, and I equated that with you not trying them. My bad!

                      1. re: rudeboy

                        I like detailed posts, too. Unfortunately, that experience was one of those all-around bad ones that stuck in my mind simply as "not good—do not return." I distinctly recall that the meat tasted steamed that day, and that the inclusion of spicy guajillos wasn't enough to make me like this dish.

                        One of these days, if I'm feeling particularly devil-may-care about what I eat, I might give Polvo’s fajitas another try. It’s always possible that I’d suddenly love them. At the very least, I’d be sure to note all the reasons why I disliked them. In the meantime: Once bitten, twice shy. . . especially when there are many taquerías yet to try.

                  2. re: MPH


                    Tried Habenero this past weekend on your suggestion. Ordered the ranceras and yes, they were quite good. Not better/worse than Polvo's; just different.

                    Firstly, I really enjoyed that they had been marinated. Added a depth of flavor I enjoyed very much. However, I found the meat quite rubbery and the whole piece would pull out when trying to take a bite. Would have liked more "goodies" in the mix but the onions and chiles that were there were carmelized very nicely. Think they have WAY better quacamole and charro beans than Polvo's, and the meat was very flavorful. Added bonus was that the salsa, while runny, had a nice bite to it.

                    We also ordered a chile relleno and it was one of the best I've had - light, fluffy batter and virtually no greasy feel at all! Chicken filling (I asked for cheese, but hey...) was moist and flavorful. Odd thing was they didn't serve it with any type of sauce at all - not even on the side. While this kept the relleno from getting soggy, I would have liked to have some sort of sauce. Inspired me to ask for it on the side from now on.

                    Did it replace Polvo's as my favorite place for fajitas? No. They each have their own pros/cons and will satisfy a different craving.

                    Is it now tied with number one? Absolutely. Looks like I'll have to divide my time between the two.

                    1. re: amysuehere

                      Thanks for the report, amysuehere. I'm glad to hear that HMC is still turning out good chow. It's been far too long since I popped in there for breakfast or lunch. Maybe I'll get there sometime this week. . .

                      1. re: amysuehere

                        I stopped by there earlier this week, after not making a visit for over 3 weeks (I usually stop by at least once a week due to proximity to the workplace). I've heard many people find the meat a little too chewy, but I've not had this experience. it has always been easy to bite through, and it always has a nice char (and that nice marinade).

                        One thing I found different, tho, was that the salsa was orders of magnitude hotter than what I had been accustomed to. This actually happened on my previous visit as well, but never before that. On those two visits, however, the difference was that I was specifically asked (very rapidly) "pico de gallo/hot sauce ?" I figured he was asking me if I wanted one or the other, but I just responded yes/yes. Both were much hotter than what the norm had been for me. These burned my face off (with enjoyment .... and a roll of paper towels). Not sure what's up with that, but it's a new experience to me after having been there over well over a dozen times.

                        Still love it.

                        1. re: Nab

                          I have had that happen at HMC before. I think if you get one of the last few portions of the batch, all the jalapeño seeds are at the bottom and it gets very hot. I have noticed that sometimes there are alot of seeds and sometimes there are only a few.

                    2. re: achtungpv

                      Just got back from Las Comales. The wife and I had the beef fajitas for two. These are classic Tex Mex fajitas with onions and bell peppers. The fajitas are hot (temperature)...literally must have come off the grill 30 seconds before they hit our table. That was definitely a plus. We got the sizzling platter and I thought it didn't look like that much meat but for only $15.99, it was fine. The waitress mumbled something in spanish about not enough meat and she was sorry. She came back 10 minutes later with about another 3/4 pound of meat. I guess the cook made fajitas for one instead of two originally. Overall, much better than most. I still prefer Polvo's but these are right there with my number two.

                      Horrible parking situation there. I can't imagine what it's like when the neighboring businesses are open.

                      1. re: achtungpv

                        In that same thought, let me go off-topic a bit. Under the category of great presentation, no taste - Chuy's...

                        I do not understand how it comes through the room sizzling like crazy and wafting off a really great trail of wonderful smelling steam and tastes so darn bland...

                        1. re: amysuehere

                          Secret or not so secret tex mex trick. Cook fajitas in advance in large batches and keep warm. When fajitas are ordered, remove super hot griddle/skillet from oven place fajitas on and there is no real sizzle....BUT add a little meat juice and water (reserved for this purpose) and it will beautifully sizzle all the way to the table. Disappointing....but true.

                          1. re: ashes

                            I tried out Los Comales today for fajitas--they were great, much better than Polvo's imho (I get corralled into going there by vegetarian friends). My dining companion had a carne asada plate that came with a cheese chili relleno. Both of these items were very good--all the meat had a good smoky flavor. When you walk in you can see them blackening spring onions and jalapenos on the grill. They make the corn tortillas in house, so I'd get those instead of the flour. I'd also choose the beans a la charra over the refried, as the these were a lot more flavorful than the refrieds with plenty of bacon and chilis. I will go back to try more carne asada of various types.

                            The salsa was a bit runnier than I prefer, but the flavor was very good--plenty of white onions and cilantro and a mild to medium chili heat, probably from serranos. Next on my list is Habanero's.

              2. The original comment has been removed
                1. I'll jump in the persecution line with yimay and tip my hat to the Hawaiian fajitas (beef) at Hula Hut.

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                  1. re: jwynne2000

                    I still like Pappasitos best, chain or not, and I've had the others mentioned

                  2. Yup. Polvo's Guajillo fajitas are amazing. Love-Love-Love them.