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Apr 27, 2007 05:26 PM

Old Town Scottsdale 4 Lunch

I am not from the area and my mom has a doctor's appointment near old town and I want to take her somewhere nice afterwards. I do not mind spending the money as long as the food justifies the cost. Please help ... my mom has not had a good meal in awhile and I would love to treat her ... Thanks.

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  1. just down the road T.Cooks at the Royal Palms could work
    if it has to be Old Town perhaps Cafe Zu-Zu
    Arcadia Farms is a popular lunch spot

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    1. re: Molto E

      Arcadia Farms is terrific....
      The Starwberry Chicken Salad is a long standing favorite!

      You can't go wrong w/ anything on the menu.....the setting is lovely as well!

    2. I've been meaning to try Cowboy Cio as it gets great reviews for dinner - but I've yet to go. It seems lunch might be a good time to check it out as it's more laid back and the oft-heralded pan fry mushroom dish is $12 instead of $24 (it might also be smaller - I'm not sure).

      More casual and also a fave among long term residents and visitors is Pishkes -

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      1. re: tastyjon

        Pischkes actually closed and then re-opened (purchased by Robert McGrath formerly of Roaring Fork) so it's definitely something we want to check out.

        1. re: ccl1111

          ARCADIA FARMS!!!!

          Of the restaurants mentioned the ambiance at Arcadia Farms for a Mom doing lunch with her son would be the BEST! She will remember this lunch with you for a loooooooong time!

      2. it's kind of arty/funky and not possibly as comfortable as arcadia farms but orange table is always great. the food can take a while but it is excellent and interesting. they also have great drinks (coffee soda, lattes, etc.). it's also right among the scottsdale center for the arts complex so it's a nice surrounding.

        right in there as well is az88. just had a very nice lunch there as well. good food, nice patio overlooking the courtyard.