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Apr 27, 2007 05:23 PM

Royal Frankfurter and La Fayette Bakery.

Dropped by Royal Frank in San Rafael for a few last dogs while on the way over from Berk to La Fayette for one last large spl order French Nougat Cake before they close tomorrow.

Royal won't be closing at month's end and will stay open a little longer. Might be a week, might be a month. Maybe longer. Mr. Wong says he's had some offers but no one has come forward w/ a signed check as of yet. Old customers have pleaded their case and he's agreed to stay open a bit longer while he awaits a buyer.

He still offers everything on the menu except the Kosher Dog.

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  1. Thanks for the update -- maybe I can sneak in just one more...

    1. I stopped by Royal on friday afternoon too. Not that fond of the basic Royal Dog, shown here,
      I found the firm texture weird and didn't like the seasoning. This is a very good bun though, nicely toasted on the grill and topped with sesame, and I'd try it with a bigger sausage. I liked the dill pickle relish as well.

      1. Stopped by Lafayette French Bakery for the first time on Tuesday (to try real yeast-raised donuts made from scratch) after reading about it on Chowhound. I was pleasantly surprised by the light texture and not-quite-bread/not-quite-cake taste. Much different than the donut-shaped hunks of heavy cake I've eaten in the past. (There's nothing wrong with heavy cake, but I definitely like yeast-raised better.)

        Man, I feel like I really missed out on a great place (I grew up in Marin and recently moved back). I haven't been much of a donut eater the last ten years (I average about one donut per year), but now I will be seeking out good yeast-raised donuts.

        From the donut-related Chowhound threads I've read, I guess I'll try Donut Alley in Larkspur the next time I'm in that area. The next time I'm hanging out in SF at night, I'll try to convince my friends to stop by Bob's Donuts after the bars close. I never stop in Richmond (I occasionally drive by on 580), but after my Lafayette donut revelation, I'll be tempted to swing out to Andy's Donuts (about 2 miles off the freeway?).

        And thanks for the heads-up on Royal Frankfurter's life extention. I'm always on the lookout for decent German sausage and I hope to try their version before they close. Dittmer's (Mountain View) is just too darned far away!