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Apr 27, 2007 05:08 PM

Bibo's Madd Apple Café?

We were there years ago. is it still good?

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  1. Can you give us more information on this?
    Where is it located?
    What sort of food do they have there?

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    1. re: Keithel

      I found this while figuring out Portland (ME) stuff:

      Bibo's Mad Apple Café: 23 Forest Ave. 774-9698, arts district

      1. re: Joanie

        Smack in the middle of town at the top of Forest Ave. - a few minutes' walk from the Art Museum, Monument Sq. and the edge of the Old Port. Have not eaten there in a while (more than 2 years) so I'm not sure how things are there these days, but I remember a good wine list and some quirky appetizers & desserts (a "coffee and donuts" one - little cinnamon donut bits surrounding a demitasse of espresso - was kind of cool). This place rarely shows up on anyone's "best of" lists, but it is still in business after a lot of years, so it must be doing something right. Maybe it's the theater crowd that keeps it afloat? It's also near a new patisserie and a new Thai place that I haven't tried yet, either.