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Apr 27, 2007 04:50 PM

the best "q" in my life

drove 120 miles before breakfast this am from Columbia MO to Kansas City just to break my fast at Jack Stack. definitely worth it and if my visit were not to end this saturday, i'd be on my way back on sunday. I can now see the fascination for the burnt ends. some day I may try the so called established favorites of old (arthur bryant & gates) but if that doesn't happen, I'll die happy with Jack Stack as a memory.

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  1. I ws in KC myself last week and had to do the "Stack" twice. I too couldn't deviate from the burnt ends and those beans.....deeeelish! I might also recommend the Woodyard BBQ on Merriam for some fine ribs and brisket. The chili on Thurs nite w/ burnt ends was darm tasty. The lady proprietor is a lovely hostess and big on making sure you are well satisfied w/ your fare.

    1. No mention of the beans? I have had better 'Q than Jack (though not much) but it's the beans that'll draw me back next time I'm in KC. They cook'em under the meat in the same smokers, so all the drips land in the beans. Mmmmmm.........

      1. Jack Stack still ranks as my favorite restaurant EVER. Whenever I am in KC it is always the first (and usually also the last) stop. I always get the beans (my dad would call them "whistleberries"), and almost always get the crown prime beef ribs.