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Apr 27, 2007 04:22 PM

Need a fun restaurant for a group of 14...

open to any cuisine...
group age ranges from 20's-50's

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  1. Rodizios are always fun for a big group. Churrascaria Plataforma is a good one.

    Korean bbq is also fun for a group. Kang Suh, on the corner of B'way & 32nd St., would be my pick. They have private spaces for a party of your size.

    1. Dim Sum in Chinatown would be fun for a group.

      New Green Bo - Bayard Street between Mott & Elizabeth
      Mandarin Court - Mott Street between Bayard & Canal

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        Agave, southwestern food, great drinks on 7th Ave. So.

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          New Green Bo, a Shanghainese restaurant that serves dumplings among other things and not a dim sum place, is pretty small for 14 people, don't you think? If you're going for Shanghainese, New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe across Bayard from NGB has more space, and I decided a long time ago that I liked it better than NGB in terms of food, service, and ambiance, so I haven't been to NGB for years now.

          If you like Cantonese food, consider Congee Village and the unrelated Congee. I've had very good banquets at both. You might call both and see where they'd put you. Congee Village requires a deposit for private rooms and a minimum charge for their use, but they may have tables in the back of their main eating hall which can seat 14. You may find Congee more accommodating in this regard.

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          1. my old stand-by, and many would disagree, is carmine's in times square. yes, it can be packed and yes, it's the heart of tourist-ville, but the food never disappoints, they make kick-ass drinks, and the bill is always less than you think its going to be. when i lived out of town i would make my friends meet me there, and the die-hard new yorkers grumbled and groaned, but everyone left with a big smile and a full tum. they take reservations for big groups so you don't have to wait.