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Apr 27, 2007 04:12 PM

sushi quality fish

i am new to town and have just gotten a new sushi kit and was wondering where to purchase sushi quality fish in boston... i am looking for tuna, eel, yellow fin...

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  1. Sea to You on the Boston Fish Pier sells..Fri and Sat only for retail.. I think they've slipped a little over the last few years but still worth a trip...generally several types of tuna, yellowtail, eel, sea urchin in packages.

    New Deal in E Cambridge is also a great source. I've bought different grades of tuna and live uni in the shell.

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      i think sea to you is only on saturdays for retail sales. at least that's what it says on their website.

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        I always call first..cuz they're not great about updating the website..and they change their hours on a fairly regular basis..:)

        1 of the things they are consistent about is that they are inconsistent.

        I've gotten some great fish...but I've also returned some poor fish.

        It's still a great experience for a "new to Boston" sushi lover.

    2. The Japanese market in the Porter Exchange building -- Kotobukiya -- at Porter Square is where I go to buy fish for sushi and sashimi (though I will buy premade sushi at Whole Foods). They'll always have the standards like hamachi, ikura, saba, and toro, plus fish for cooking and all sorts of seasonal delights. The prices are 'high' but it's worth it once a month or so.

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        I have actually been going to Sea To You regularly over the last month or so (confirming that retail is Saturdays 9 AM to Noon) and I have been pretty pleased. I have had Toro,Chutoro, Hamachi, and from the self-serve; baby octopus, seaweed salad and several varieties of tobiko. You can also buy prepared sushi rice for a buck a pound.

        It's not cheap but they do have a few grades of tuna and please forgive me if I get this confused. Toro for about $27/lb Chutoro at about $45/ lb. and Otoro at $60/lb.

        I must say that there is something decidedly decadent and fulfilling to slicing yourself a few pieces of high quality sashimi as a "snack"

        One of the things that does stink about Sea To You is that you are limited to Saturday so it makes it difficult to enjoy your bounty whenever you want. I usually polish off the tuna pretty quickly, but I have enjoyed the Hamachi, stored properly, without my noticing any serious degradation to about Wednesday, after that I don't take any chances

        I'll admit I was a bit reluctant at first based upon past posts here but so far so good.
        I have also seen "sashimi grade tuna" (which looked deep red and rich) at Sevenors on Charles St.

      2. You can also buy frozen suhi grade tuna, salmon and others at Whole Foods various locations, Asinayo in Framingham, and I'm sure many Asian markets. They are supposed to be frozen to kill parasites.

        1. I like this mailorder company for ahi. I think I found it on this forum?