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Apr 27, 2007 03:36 PM

50th Anniversary Italian?

We live in Los Angeles and will be staying on Michigan Ave. in June Can someone suggest a great Italian restaurant for us to spend our 50h wedding anniversary?

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  1. Spiaggia is the tops in the city. Its on Michigan Ave. FYI, its very upscale and formal (Jacket required) and pricey (tasting menu for two with wine pairings is around $650 for two. They also have a la carte if you prefer), but after 50 years, she deserves it, right? That's barely $10 a year. Reservations are a must.

    If that's not your style, they also have a Cafe Spiaggia next door which is less formal with a more limited menu (but same kitchen.) Or Coco Pazzo is a very nice place within a 5 minute cab ride.

    1. Since you're on Michigan ave. and it's such a festive event, it's hard not to recommend Spiaggia.

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        I agree. It doesn't get better than that. And congrats on your 50th anniversary. And it is the diamond anniversary - just a little hint.