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Fredo's Philly Cheese steak and Bulgarini's

  • martyR Apr 27, 2007 03:35 PM
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I had the day off Wednesday, so I decided to try out a couple new places in my neighborhood. First I went to Fredo's Phillys for a cheese steak sandwich. I got the basic model (cheese and onions). Out came a foot-long sandwich with lots of meet and cheese and onions. I'm no authority, but it was a great sandwich. I need to try the rest of menu, including the fries and onion rings. The guy behind the counter asked me how I'd heard about theplace. When I said "Chowhound" he said "that's what a lot of people are telling me!"

I then headed back up the hill to Altadena, where I live but stopped at Bulgarini's for a gelato. They are where Ohio New Orleans BBQ used to be by the Rite Aid on Altadena, just west of Lake. I got the strawberry Gelato. Mmmm it was good, if expensive. The owner is a very nice person too. It looks like they may already be expanding into the store front next door too.

BTW, there is a nice new restaurant on the southeast corner of Lake and Altadena, called Amy's Patio Cafe I think. I had a very good omelet there a couple weeks ago.

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  1. I went to fredos's phillys last week for the first time with a couple co-workers. I had what they call a mushroom philly, and it was outstanding! One of my colleges had a cheese burger and the other a regular philly cheese steak, which both got great reviews. The portions were large at real fair prices. If you live in the Pasadena area, I would highly recommend it. I will be a regular here from now on, its a fantastic little place.

    1. I love me so Fredo's, although I still think I'm recovering from my last cheesesteak.
      The fries are the big thick steak fries, I didn't care for them-but that might be just be personal preference. The onion rings, don't expect anything like home made ones, they're just average. Frozen ones like from Jack in the Box. I'm a huge fan of the cheesesteak but people have tried the hot dog and apparently the pastrami is really good too. Although I hear the chili is not great, but not bad.

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        My husband has wanted to go to Fredo’s since we realized they were open a couple months ago, but i normally suggest something a little fancier. One night a couple weeks ago we didn’t have allot of time before the movie we were seeing started so I caved and we went for Philly cheese steak sandwiches from Fredo’s. We booth had "Phillys" with bell pepper, mushroom, and onion. We also ordered seasoned curly fries, and fried mushrooms which we shared. The Sandwiches and mushrooms surprised me, they were very good. The sandwiches were so large I was stuffed after half, and brought the other half to my teenage son who seemed to swallow it without chewing. I was pleasantly surprised with my experience.

      2. OK, I'll bite on Fredos but since I am a brass player of very little brain, where would this establishment be located? Thanks!!

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          It's on East Colorado on the South side of the street on the second level in the same complex that has Presidentwo and next door to Europane.

          1. re: mc michael

            above location is Fredo's Pizzeria - ...from wild swede a while back, so maybe she or OP can confirm....

            I would not know a good cheesesteak if it walked up to me and smacked me on the face, but there is a new place (I believe it is called Fredo's) on North Lake (just north of Orange Grove, east side of street) in Pasadena. It just opened and when I drove by it yesterday around 1-ish it was jumping. I believe it is the grand opening.

            1. re: Local

              That is the place. On east side of Lake, just north of Orange Grove.

              1. re: Local

                "Fredos" on Colorado is a pizza place.

                The Fredos for the cheesesteaks is on North Lake. Their website is: http://www.myfredos.com

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                  After seeing this posting, I went to Fredos for dinner last night. I had high expectations of the place, and it lived up to them. I had the #1, the standard cheese steak with the fried mushrooms on the side. Its worth checking out, i enjoyed my food. The owner, who was very friendly said they were starting delivery soon and they were going to try to stay open tell 1am Friday and Saturday. btw, it is not on Colorado its on n. Lake like local says just above Orange Grove on the east side of the street.

            2. The food is just excellent! Dan (the owner) is so friendly too! Run! Don't walk! This place rocks!

              1. I went to Fredo's twice this past week. First trip for dinner and both cheese steaks were moist and taste good. So i returned for lunch at opening time two days later on Wed. mainly because I happen to be in the area. After opening 10 min. late I ordered a burger and a cheese steak to go. I was the first customer of the day. I waited 25 min. for a dry burger while two other customers walked out with cheese steaks. My burger did taste right but too dry. When my wife opened the cheese steak 15 min later at home the bun was hard at both ends. Not just hard but like when you take a hard day-old bun and microwave it to try to make it soft but then it gets spongy hard. Finally, this is a small cheese steak -- not much meat. Anyone saying this is big is falling for the size of the bun -- 12 in. But really, this is just a long hot dog bun and nothing more. What -- 2 in. wide? Think about it. How much meat do you have to put in a hot dog bun to make it look like it is stuffed? Not much! If you want your monies worth try Big Mike's. Great taste, travels very well (good the next day) and you can get it in three sizes and they use real steak rolls -- not hot dog buns. My wife and I get the 18 in. and share it. That is way more food than Fredo's and cost less for two.

                Big Mike's Philly Steaks and Sub
                507 Main St.
                El Segundo, CA 90245
                (310) 726-9638

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                1. re: JeetJet

                  It's hard to believe we're talking about the same place. I'm only from NY not Philly (I did co-op in Philly in college), but I thought I knew what a hot dog bun was, and this was not close to what I would call a hot dog bun (?), although I will always take really good tasting breads over quantity. (Like many of these new big ciabatta sandwich breads are just huge but boring and not worth chewing.)

                  My husband and I split a 12" and it was so overstuffed, we could not finish it!!!! And -- I raved before in a prior thread, the peppers and onions were really well cooked, not half cooked like you get at most places, the amount of cheese/broth was perfect, the meat had no grizzle etc and our bun was sure not one bit hard, even with our leftover section we couldn't finish.

                  Sorry, our experience was sure different. Don't know if it was timing or we just differ on taste!

                  1. re: MaryT

                    We are talking about Fredo's on Lake two doors north of Orange Grove in Pas.
                    You from NY? Me to and so is Dan -- owner of Fredo's. He told me so and yes he is a nice guy. In fact he put a bag of deep fried cheese sticks inside my bag so that I could try them free of charge. Maybe his way of saying sorry for the burger that took 25 min to dry out -- cook. I have had Geno's, Pat's and Jim's in Philly. Some say those three are not the best but each time I went the line was out the door. Fredo's is very close and the taste of the bread is the same. On Wed. I got a day-old (at least one day old) bun. I say hot dog bun because of the small size of that bun. OK, long hot dog bun. But even at Gino's and Pat's I recall something more wide like a french roll size. Jim's has a true steak roll but Big Mike's in El Segundo does it best. A true steak roll, taste of the roll and the steak is right and I never got a hard one. Another thing I like about Big Mikes (the same as Geno's, Pat's and Jim's) is you can see them cook the meat right in front of your eyes. The griddle is right in front of you as your food is made. At Fredo's someone behind a door makes a lot of noise (Bang, Bang, Knock, Bang. What is that all about?) and out comes the stuffed hot dog bun. A good bun when it is fresh but still just the right size for a hot dog. In fact I recall reading one post that mentioned ordering and getting a half pound hot dog at Fredo's in that same bun. What I think we need is a side-by-side pic. It looks like I may have to start taking my cam. One picture is worth more than ten thousand words.


                    Big Mike's Philly Steaks and Sub
                    507 Main St.
                    El Segundo, CA 90245
                    (310) 726-9638

                    1. re: JeetJet

                      I totally agree their buns are smaller than most Philly sandwich places! I'm more into the protein than the carbs maybe, I love really great bread but I won't even it if it's ordinary, same with fries. And you got a lousy bun on top of it eh.

                      I laughed about the "someone behind a door" part too. I did have those thoughts too!

                      1. re: MaryT

                        "eh." The East coast and Canada -- I like dat. In L.A. it's, "huh?" Ya, those nasty carbs. When the roll is too thick I ask that they pull out half of the inside but leave the good crust part. I asked that at White House Subs in Atlantic City and they told me they have regulars that ask that. At Big Mike's the roll is wider but just right in being deep -- not too deep. But the meat is piled in heavy -- real heavy and taste great cold the next day. My wife and I share a 18 in. cut into four. We eat 1/4 each and eat the remaining 1/2 later that night or the next day. Our first time at Fredo's we were happy with the taste but bun is small. As a side note. We liked it so much we bought two extra to take to our son and his wife for dinner. We asked for meat and cheese only. They got oinions -- so many onions all mixed in the steak. I am sure Dan would make it over, or what ever, but ...

                        Big Mike's Philly Steaks and Sub
                        507 Main St.
                        El Segundo, CA 90245
                        (310) 726-9638

                        1. re: JeetJet

                          All well and good, and I don't disbelieve you (Dan being an enthusiastic guy and possibly overlooking a detail once in a while) but I ain't gonna drive to El Segundo for a friggin Philly steak!

                          This is the first place in the local area besides Tonny's that I actually felt like I'd be coming back (and SOON) after the first few bites. Took me back to college in NY (upstate, but I spent plenty of time in the city, and have been to Philly more than a few times as well).

                          We had a half of the sandwich left over but that didn't last even the 20 minutes to downtown. It was gone by the time we blew through South Pas.

                          1. re: ttriche

                            Bang, Bang, Knock, Bang... But I live to eat and Fo a good cheese steak I would drive 100 miles -- No Problem!. Driving from Hershey, PA to the City I side tracked to White House subs in Atlantic City to have the best Sub in the USA. Big Mikes is close at 30 miles from SGV. As good as it is though it can in no-way be finished once you are just a few miles away -- too big! Maybe later dat night. Try it, the 18in., Ya owe it to yourself to know da truth. Oh, one more thing about Fredo's. That meat appears to have been sliced in a blender -- What?

                            Big Mike's Philly Steaks and Sub
                            507 Main St.
                            El Segundo, CA 90245
                            (310) 726-9638

                            1. re: JeetJet

                              Fredo's advertises that they use Amoroso rolls - I guess they are "it" for cheesesteaks. Have had the hot dog there and it is really good - and served on those delicious rolls.

                2. With all the fuss everyone has been making about Fredo's I decided to try it myself. I live in the area, and so after my weekly grocery shopping I decided to get a sammie to go before I went home.

                  I told Dan I heard great things about his sammies and ordered the works, peppers, onions and mushrooms. He took my order and immediately told me that the kitchen staff is all new and today was there first day. He was clearly concerned, and chatted with me while I waited for my sammie.

                  I got it inot the car, with the intent to wait until I got home to eat, but since that is 10 minutes away I thought I had better get at least a couple bites. Yum. It was delicous. I took several large bites in the car and then devoured the rest of that half when I got home. Tons of meat, not a single piece of gristle, juicy with out being soggy and just the right amount of cheese and pepeper, onion etc so as not to overwhelm. I have no complaints. My bread was soft, and the roll ws large but definate did not overwhelm the sammie. Plenty of meat in every bit. A half was more than enough. I hope he does well. I will go back and I recommend the philly's.

                  1. i just had Big Mike's for the first time today. I did not think it was all that great. While they did use a 'real' roll, I thought my steak was less than flavorful, not enough onion was added, and not enough provolone.

                    I also am not a fan of the meat being chopped up the way it is. It doesn't bother me a great deal, but it would be nice to have actually paper thin slices of steak as I remember while being in Philly.

                    I must note I have not yet tried Fredo's.

                    1. Let me clear up any confusion regarding cheesesteaks. No matter what goofy names any place puts on them ("The Philly", "The Works") it is a 1) Roll 2) Steak 3) Cheese and then your choice of onions, peppers (hot and/or sweet), mushrooms, etc. Whatever you like.

                      Much like the New York pizza "You need the right water for the dough!" battlecry the roll is the key cheesesteak ingredient. Despite whatever the "Big Mike's" shill says Fredo's uses Amoroso's rolls from South Philadelphia. "South Street" in Burbank flies in Amoroso's as well. No self-respecting sandwich shop in Philly uses anybody else. In a great irony "Big Mike's" does NOT and uses an Italian roll that is comically closer to a "hotdog" roll than anyone else. Advantage Fredo's and South Street. Big Mike isn't even close.

                      The meat is just thinly cut steak. Typically it is bought in boxes of frozen pre-cut wafer steaks pre-weighed with wax paper between the steaks (no...not steak-ums). It appears that "Big Mike's" and "South Street" do the same (but I could be wrong) with "Big Mike's" tasting better. Why? I don't know. "Fredo's" slices their steak in house which accounts for some peoples complaint of "gristle". It has happened to me as well. Although they take pride in using the best meat (I believe they do) they would be better served to have pre-cut steak. Toss-up between "Big Mike" and "Fredo's".

                      Onions are onions but inexplicably nobody gets the peppers right. The use of green peppers is a head scratcher. I have never, in all my years, been given a cheesesteak in Philly with green peppers or marinated green peppers. Knock it off everybody. The right peppers are "sweet peppers in sweet brine" and "sliced hot banana peppers". Why this escapes everybody is beyond me. "Fredo's" at least has the right hot peppers while "South Street" and "Big Mike" use a hot pepper paste (a la "Pat's") which is acceptable but not preferable. Advantage "Fredo's".

                      White American cheese is correct and used by all.

                      Ambiance? Well...that's not what you really go to a cheesesteak shop for but "South Street" has the Eagles games (last time I checked) if you feel the need to punish yourself while you eat.

                      At the end of the day "Fredo's" has the best cheesesteak ..."Big Mike" and "South Street" need some help.

                      Oh yeah...get some Tastykakes too.:)