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Apr 27, 2007 03:29 PM

OPDC HUB Raw Milk Store

This is Organic Pastures store in L.A. It is only open a couple of hours on Sat and Sun. each week. Has anyone been there? Are there prices lower than local stores for raw milk, raw butter, etc. I hate to make the trip if I"m not going to save the money. I really want raw milk - but hate to pay the high prices.

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  1. Without getting into details, I would not recommend ANY of this companies products. Trust me on this! On Rose in Venice, a block west of lincoln, next to Groundworks, is RAWSOME, a raw food coop. They are open Wednesday 12-6 (or 8), Saturdays 9-2. They have raw milk, goat milk, and lots of other WELL SOURCED AND TRULY RAW products.

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      would you please get into details. I buy from this hub every Saturday and have been for months now. I love their product. My whole family enjoys their raw milk, their butter, their cream and, occasionally, their meat. Unless I hear exactly why you think I shouldn't buy their product and agree taht it's a good reason, I will continue to buy and promote their products.

      The HUB is now at Rosslyn St in Glendale. It's open Saturdays 10am-1pm. The guy at the truck is very nice as are the regulars that I've seen both at the old hub address and this new one.

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        I should mention that the prices are much lower than WFs. You can buy OP milk at wholefoods for 9.99 a hlaf gallon. It goes sour within a week. (did that twice). At the hub it's 6.00 for a half gallon and hasn't soured on me yet. I go weekly.

        BTW, I used the soured milk for pancakes. Delish!

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          Yeah, lateitup's comments seem a bit odd to me as well. My Lovely Tasting Assistant (LTA) and I visited Organic Pastures for our 2nd anniversary and the whole operation is magnificent. Wide open pastures and cows, rotated alfalfa crops to keep the cows well fed, a mobile milking barn trailer that moves to the pastures where the cows are feeding. It's an oasis in the middle of a region filled with filthy conventional dairies... you can smell the difference from miles away.

          Mr Taster

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        Yes, please tell us why you have such a strong opinion against their product.

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          I'm replying to save the thread. I buy from them every week at the Hollywood Farmer's Market and love their milk, but my loyalty only extends to a quality product from a local there something we need to know about here?

        2. I buy Organic Pastures milk at the Hollywood Farmers Market and have found it to be excellent. I was skeptical about the advantage of raw milk versus processed and found that I can enjoy milk again after trying this particular kind. I think it's the fact that their cows are grass-fed that makes the difference for me. (When I use processed milk or even organic raw milk from other makers, I get a bubbly stomach.) It's less expensive and fresher if you purchase it at a farmers' market.

          1. Related question, but slightly OT: Anyone know where to get grass fed dairy that's not raw. I don't care about raw, but would like grass fed / well-treated cows. I've looked at Whole Foods, but even the "organic" dairy products don't seem to make these kinds of representations.

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              Yeah, go here:
              They don't say whether the cows are 100% grass-fed, but they do monitor the pasture time provided.
              But OP is still the highest rated dairy that sells fluid milk in our area.

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                Thanks! This kind of info was exactly what I was looking for.

            2. The original comment has been removed