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Apr 27, 2007 03:02 PM

Too Many Thai! (SLC) - Which is the best?

I'm in the mood for some really delicious Thai this weekend, but the Salt Lake Valley has recently had an explosion of Thai restaurants and I'm curious to know your favorites? What sets them apart? What dishes do you CRAVE?

I love Thai Garden but want to explore some others. Have yet to try Sawadee or Pawit's Royal Thai. Should I bother?


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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. check out the dining review in this week's City Weekly.

        1. As much as I hate to say it, I would not bother with Pawit's. As a TG fan you will be disappointed...I know we were. We love Pawit and the room is gorgeous, and we so wanted the food to knock our socks off, but it didn't come anywhere close. As long as Vipada has TG (and they serve Squatter's IPA), that is where my bhat will be spent...

          1. If you like spice, Chanon Thai on 900 South is worth a trip. they don't bandy about with American heat preferences. and the people who run it are just good folks, too.

            I recently had a great dinner at Thai Lotus on 500 South. I'm impressed that they offered of plenty non-standard fare (which was also good). Some favorites: red curry with duck, stir-fried thai bacon with greens over jasmine rice, crispy shrimp salad (ask for less iceberg lettuce than usual, the real treat is the shrimp and confetti of red onion, mint, and seasonings), pineapple soup, masaman curry. their coconut custard with lotus root is quite good. wasn't a fan of their lunch combo, though.

            thai orchid is also good if you'r ein the south valley.

            Sawadee is too sweet for my taste. Though other folks seem to like it quite a bit. I don't get as much nuance out of it.