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Apr 27, 2007 02:54 PM

Laguna Beach- BBQ caterer...which would you choose?

OK, so Rick's Secret Spot in San Clemente OR Ribs on the Run in Laguna Niguel???

These are the 2 that cater in my price range. Can anyone compare these two places? An opinion on either one???

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  1. Well, my top 2 would be Tulsa Rib Company (Orange) and Buckboard (Upland for Santa Maria-style BBQ)), but between the 2 you listed I'd go hands down with Rick's. I've had the food at both a few times, but never the catering. RitR is fine...efficient, decent food (although not "real" BBQ by purists standards), but Rick's is something more personal...the food is great and you can tell the pride he has making it. The other place I might consider is Bad to the Bone in SJC..I think they do a pretty good job.

    Hmm, do I get an invite?

    1. The best BBQ place in So. OC is Bad to the Bone BBQ in San Juan Capistrano. Though I hear Rick's is very good too.