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Special dinner with college-age stepson tonight

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I am taking my stepson, who is a sophmore at NYU to dinner tonight. I do not have reservations yet. I want to take him somewhere in the village that is special but fun for both of us. Need suggestions.

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  1. Otto, although you should be prepared to wait.

    1. Go to Maremma, great choice for an NYU student

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        Awful choice. I like my stepson.

      2. My 20 year old daughter likes Da Silvano, It's on 6th Avenue one block north of Houston.


        I want to add that students can not afford this place so it's nice to take them there.

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          OR Bar Pitti...good call 'dew!

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        2. What about Blue Hill? It's last minute, but for reasons I can't fathom I don't have a problem getting same day reservations. A little north from there, what about the Tavern Room at Gramercy Tavern.

          If he's a sushi person, what about Kanoyama? (A place I have yet to try but is high on my list.)