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Apr 27, 2007 01:54 PM

Weevils in my lentils!!

So I just made a pot of lentils (toor dal, to be specific). Although I washed them really really well before cooking, I noticed some tiny dark floating things on top when they were done, and some tiny worm-like things too (larvae? gross). I skimmed the bugs off, but am a bit grossed out to eat the cooked lentils.

Should I eat them? The bugs were fruit-fly-sized and there were maybe a total of 12 in a big pot of dal.

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  1. If you are looking for an opinion - I wouldn't eat it! Yuck!

    1. Eating it won't hurt you, if that's what you are concerned about. Just think of the bugs as a little added protein ;-)

      1. let us know what you decide so we can determine whether or not to ever eat at your house :)

        1. fyi
          i found these in my flour and after throwing that out and thinking i was all good, they spread throughout my entire apartment. i had to throw EVERYTHING out (foodwise) even spices and close boxed food. Go search!!!! Save your food! Good Luck!

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            I put all my rice, grains, beans, etc. in the freezer for at least three days after I buy them. This kills any eggs before they hatch. Then I pretend that none of them ever might have had eggs, because thats gross too. It really is just a fact of life.

          2. I lived in Saudi Arabia for three years, where we would buy our (Gold Medal) flour in sealed 5-pound tins. Every so often, we'd open a tin and it would be swarming with larvae of some kind. We'd just sift them out and proceed as usual. There were also times when we'd buy pieces of beef that had flies swarming on them. This happened with fish as well. We just cooked the hell out of everything and kept our fingers crossed. We never got sick, but I'm a bit more particular back in the USA. I say throw the buggers out.