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Apr 27, 2007 01:50 PM

Good meal near Museum of Natural History

I will be in town briefly and will visit the museum of natural history on May 4. I'm looking for a great meal nearby, preferably walking distance, but will take a cab if necessary. I'm hoping to grab a slice before the museum and a full meal afterward.

Looking something very NYC: old school Italian, a great deli, pizza, and/or ethnic.
Any recs, Chowhounds?

If you ever make it to the Tampa Bay area in Florida, I'll be happy to return the favor.

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  1. Isabella's is right across the street - I haven't been there, but there are many who swear by its old school Italian food.

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    1. re: outside25

      isabella's is not italian food. it is american fare

      1. re: outside25

        Yep, definitely not old school Italian. If the outdoor cafe is open, it's a prime people-watching spot and the food is pretty consistent (if a bit predictable).

        I'd recommend Artie's (from dewdropin's rec below), or even Barney Greengrass instead.

      2. telepan- on w69th street so a little south but the best food on UWS
        Ocean Grill - always good for Seafood

        1. I live in the hood and I adore Nice Matin on West 79th and Amsterdam.
          Hey, I love French Bistro food. So take it for what it's worth. I love the room, and they have a really nice freindly good staff. The kitchen is very small so it can be slow at times, but that is the nature of a small kitchen.

          For decent Jewish style Deli in this hood, eat at Arties on Broadway and 84th Street. I ate there last weekend and was surprised how perfect their homemade french fries were. The pastrami sandwich was better then decent, it was delicious and so was the Cole slaw and pickles. I love a good deli sandwich and I'm always satisfied eating deli there when I do not want to leave my neighborhood.

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          1. re: dewdropin

            i live in the nabe as well. i second the rec for artie's. it isn't katz's but it's the best we have on the uws. new town pizza on brdwy and 78 is the best pizza by the slice.
            i als recommend patsy's on w74 off columbus for pizza by the pie. telepan is a chowhound fav. i will also recommend ouest, pomodoro and cafe ronda. flor de mayo for ethnic may fit the bill unless you want to venture north to w102 and amsterdam for cheap, no frills , authentic mexican. check for more details, reviews and menus. have fun.

            1. re: nativeNYer

              cafe frida is solid mexican . more regional authentic than tex/mex
              neptune room
              land thai
              i do not recommend isabellas