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Apr 27, 2007 01:35 PM

Good "chowish" spots in Studio City/Sherman Oaks/Encino?

Haven't eaten in the SFV for a long time...any new places worth checking out for dinner? Not looking for a coat and tie/candlelight place, but hoping for something upscale. Would also appreciate any comments about Firefly. Thanks!

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  1. Firefly has a limited menu, but what's there is reliable and good, and the outdoor seating area is great.

    1. Yes firefly is great. Great food, great vibe. Panzanella is also very good too.

      1. How new is new? Have you been to Boneyard Bistro? Bollywood cafe? Vegan table? Surely you've hit Gorikee. What about Leda's bake shop, or risotto?

        How can we know where to reccomend if we don't kow how long you'
        ve been away?

        1. Try Cafe Bizou for French cuisine. It's on Ventura just east of Hazeltine; across from Ralphs

          1. Boneyard Bistro and Max both have very good food. Both quite upscale, yet not overly dressy in the case of Max and even less so at the Boneyard.
            The bistro menu at the Boneyard is more interesting to me than the ribs side of the menu. Both have good wine lists, but only Max can serve you a cocktail.
            Firefly, btw, is good and reliable and fun yet hardly upscale in my mind, yet priced above average.
            You shouldn't be disappointed in any of the three.
            Mistral is more expensive than any of them, yet also very good.