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Apr 27, 2007 12:56 PM

2 nights in KC on expense acct

I am a Baltimore Hound who will be in Kansas City on Sunday and Monday night for a conference. I am staying at the Intercontinental on Ward Pkwy. Any "must try" places in the vicinity that I can get to relatively easily by cab? Thank you for any recs!

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  1. You absolutely have to try Room 39. It's open on Monday nights, not Sundays unfortunately. It's on 39th and Bell in Midtown. It's next to D'Bronx. Tell the cab driver this and he will surely know how to get you to this awesome restaurant. Absolutely my all time favorite. Great atmosphere, even when dining alone, great staff and wonderful rotating menu. Ask for Andrew the bartender, he's great and will whip you up the best cocktails in town.

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    1. If money is no object, by all means, have dinner at the American. Wonderful food, beautiful, spacious dining room that is best after dark I'm told, and convenient to where you're staying. ETA: Okay, on second thought, it's a bit of a ride downtown, sorry, but not far by any means. Near the Plaza, M&S and Capitol Grille are chains, but they do a good job. You really have to venture away from the Plaza for locally owned places. Bo Ling's does nice dim sum on Sundays, but I'm afraid I'm posting a little late for that.

      Room 39 also does great breakfasts. Best barista in town, IMO.

      1. KC on an expense acct.? Go to Em Chamas...and let me know how it is!