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Steakhouse in LA - Price *is* an object

I want to take my husband out for a good steakhouse birthday dinner, but I haven't the gelt for Cut or any of the $40/entree steakhouses around town. Can anyone recommend some good steakhouses that have good food, relatively reasonable prices and decent atmosphere for a birthday? Or am I just wacky on the junk? Thanks in advance.

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  1. TAYLOR's, either location, in K-town or la canada.

    or order some of the best steak in the world from LOBELs in NYC, www.lobels.com and cook it yourself, you won't be sorry.

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      Agree on Taylor's (http://www.taylorssteakhouse.com/ ), and on revets2's home cooking suggestion, although I would go to Harvey's Guss (949 S. Ogden, (323) 937-4622) rather than Lobel's, order two dry-aged prime New York strips, and cook them over very hot hardwood charcoal.

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        I third Taylor's. I guess it kind of depends on your husband's taste, but Taylor's is an old-fashioned, red booth, hunting pictures, macho kind of place. I would recommend their specialty, the Sizzling Steak. And that's how it comes - sizzling right to your table. It's fun! And the steak is good.
        If you guys have a sense of humor, go to the one in Koreatown. It's kind of fun to see an old-fashioned steakhouse right in the middle of - how shall I say this - not the best part of town.

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          agree. like harvey guss' too or marconda's. we did a blind tasting, same cuts, LOBELs, MARCONDAs, GUSSs, COSTCO (home dry-aged), TAYLORs (sierra madre). it was unanimous...LOBELs. i'd love to spend less, though.

          at TAYLORs, we like the culotte steak and the molly salad.

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            I feel the need for 3 martini's , a molly & a culotte!

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              And if I remember correctly, you can get ANY steak on a "sizzling" platter - you just have to ask.

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          My parents went to Porterhouse Bistro a few months ago and, upon ordering, were shocked to learn they were out of porterhouse steaks! Are they always that inconsistent/unreliable?

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            My impression is that Porterhouse Bistro just reopened last week after having been closed down from a fire for more than a year. Are there several locations? I only know of the one on Wilshire, and I had a good experience there (though that was a few years ago).

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              Not sure about other locations. They went to the one on Wilshire in BH. I could have sworn it was just a few months ago -- maybe last summer? (How can I be having a senior moment when I'm only 32?) All I know is that their story has deterred us from checking it out.

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                Porterhouse Bistro recently reopened. I went the first week and had a great steak. It's probably my favorite place in town to eat steak.

                There's only one location.

          2. Not a steakhouse, but has great steak--Columbo's in Eagle Rock.

            1. Damons Steakhouse in Glendale has steaks on the menu for under $25. Plus, they've got a fun old-school Polynesian theme.


              Steaks at the Galley in Santa Monica are all under $30 and the entrees come with potatoes and veggies, unlike the pricier steakhouses, where everything is a la carte.


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                I will second Damon's for the best steaks for the price (NY Steak with potato/veggie/soup or salad $22) in the City. But stay away from everything but the steaks - less than medicore. Except, of course, for the Mai Tais ($6).

              2. Someone recommended Taylor's to me when I had a similar request, and it turned out to be pretty good. We went to the one in Koreatown. Since then, we've also been to Nick & Stef's downtown. It was really good and I liked the location/ambience a bit better than Taylor's. Nick & Stef's isn't cheap, but I think you'll be able to handle it; the only quality cheap steak you can get is probably one you'll have to make yourself. Hope this helps, and happy Birthday to the LAmonkeyGUY! :)

                1. Hello... I heartily recommend Jar restaurant. It is so much more than a steakhouse, but what it does with beef more than justifies the appellation as such. Dinner there is not inexpensive, yet a fair value for the overall experience. I believe I ordered their Ribeye steak, and it hovered just below the $30 mark, if memory serves. Well worth it, and marbled just so, that there was not one ounce of uneaten beef left on my cleaned plate. Their sides are also both the usual and the less usual cast of supporting characters, all executed with tasty aplomb. We went for a combo birthday/wedding anniversary, and the ambience was casually sophisticated. You feel like an adult at Jar, and i mean that in the best sense...

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                    I, too, love Jar. However, since the OP said that money *is* an object, I cannot endorse the Jar recommendation in this particular case. In my opinion, Jar is just as expensive (if not more expensive) than the steakhouses that the OP seemed to want to avoid.

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                      Hi... Yep, its not an inexpensive night out at Jar, but two of us got in and out of there (2 apps, 2 entrees, 2 sides, and 2 desserts) for about $160 including tip (but no booze). Whereas, I've been intimidated by just the notion of a place like Puck's steakhouse CUT, where I assume the tab for a similar meal for two would be about double that amount, no?

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                        From what I understand, CUT is in a league of it's own :-) We can leave it to the OP to decide if $160 at Jar is within his/her budget.

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                      my parents went to JAR last week (on my recommendation) and were none too pleased about the $600 bill for 6 people (1 bottle of wine at ~50)
                      for that price, they could have gone to Mastro's!!!!

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                        But Jar is an excellent restaurant while Mastro's is an Arizona-based chain....


                    3. Last night I went with some friends to Chez Jay, 1657 Ocean Avenue, in Santa Monica. Hadn't been there for years. The steak was great, much better than I remembered it. On a par with the best I've had at much more expensive places. And very reasonably priced - $21.50 for the pepper steak with baked potato, salad and a forgettable vegetable. The atmosphere is fun, nice old-fashioned bar/restaurant.

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                        Be prepared - Chez Jay is kind of a dark & divey place. But you definitely can't find a better deal. I'm a big fan of the $18.25 Butter Steak myself...

                        You can walk a couple blocks to the Hotel Casa Del Mar afterwards to have a drink in a luxurious environment, relax and enjoy the fantastic view of the beach and boardwalk.

                      2. A good Steak, good/great food throughout the Menu, and a nice atmosphere that doean't have to break the bank? With a little intelligent restrained ordering, you could have a great time at Mako, that's where I went for my last birthday. Example:

                        Romaine & Tomato salad - $6
                        Filet Mignon with wasbi potato puree - $23 (ounces ?).

                        Rock Shrimp Salad - $9
                        Baby Chicken - $13
                        Steamed Rice - $1

                        Rice, Noodles & Veggies - $6 (at least one for him (& you to sample)) {*}.

                        $58 for two before Liquids, any Dessert, Tax & Tip. Is that too much?

                        225 S. Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills

                        There are many Mako reports here and many of them are for Birthdays:


                        {*} It all depends on how healthy his, and your, appetites are... and your restraining powers.

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                          the above is a great recc. nicely done, JBC!

                        2. "Good" can have so many different meanings....I doubt sizzler or black angus isnt quite what youre leaning towards, But I recommend the following places (not traditional steak joints, but you make it up in value and quality):

                          1. Cafe Bizou (Pasadena & Sherman Oaks): French Bistro that offers a helluva steak & fries dinner....add in nice glass of cabernet, and you're pretty happy.

                          2. Edwards Steakhouse: Rosemead? Never been there, but my old boss says he use to go there once a week, cuz of the steaks and the prices.

                          3. Monty's (Pasadena). Again, never tried, but recommeded by old school folks back in the days.

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                              I thought of Edwards also. In El Monte along side the 10 -- off at Baldwin. Nice bar inside also.
                              Check out the menu.

                            2. Thank you, everybody, for all your responses. I think Glendale and Pasadena are out of our driving range, esp. since we're Westsiders and the dinner is going to be on a Friday night. Since the husband would be driving, I'd hate to consign him to Friday night traffic on his birthday. I worry about driving the 10 to Downtown, too.

                              I'm not a drinker, and he drinks lightly, and we split desserts. Would it be possible to get out of JAR for around $120, given these parameters? What about Boa, or Nic's (in BH, not Nic and Stef's in Downtown)? I think Mastro's is beyond us. And have we reached a consensus on Porterhouse Bistro?

                              Thanks for everyone's enthusiastic responses!

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                                I think you'll be hard pressed to get out of Jar for around $120, before tax and tip.

                                Check the menu, it's online with prices. http://thejar.com/jar_menu.html

                                I think the last thing you want to do when dining out for a celebration is to worry about price, and thinking twice about what to order because of budget issues. It's a celebration and the focus should be on the food and the company, not the bottom line.

                                Wherever you go, shoot for someplace that is WELL UNDER your budget, that way you can order with glee and not have to worry about prices, etc.

                                Items add up quickly, and even less expensive places can be pricey esp. when talking about steaks, etc.

                                Boa would be beyond your budget (and it's also not very good).

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                                  How would you and your husband feel about splitting a steak? Often they are at least 16 ounces if not more, really half of that is a satisfying amount of meat. My husband (not a small guy nor a small eater) and I often split a steak. We each get an appetizer or a salad or we split one of each, split a steak, get a couple of sides, split a dessert. I think you might be able to meet your budget at Jar if you do that. I'm a big fan of Jar. Although I was looking at the Jar website tonight because we were trying to decide between Jar and The Grill on the Alley in B.H. for tomorrow night (decided on The Grill), original plans with fellow hounds unfortunately having fallen through due to illness, and Jar is charging $10 or something like for a side of asparagus. Have you checked out the menu? www.thejar.com

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                                    I am a fan of porterhouse bistro- although they JUST reopened last week.

                                    for celebrations, they serve you a spun pink cotton candy dessert with a candle in the middle---very cool and fun presentation.

                                    oh, the Porterhouse Bistro steak....good...not Mastro's good, but JAR good.......

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                                      Nic's is nice but not a steak place, i love their martinis, oysters, apps, finger foods etc. and Happy Hour is great!

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                                        Shula's 347 at the LAX Sheraton Gateway Hotel.
                                        Good quality steaks in a nice clubby steakhouse atmosphere. You can get out of there for pretty close to $100 for two including tax, tip, 1 desert(average price $6) and maybe a cocktail.

                                        Had my birthday dinner there last year(May) and thinking about going there again this year.

                                        Shula's gives 3 hour free validated valet parking. Make sure you use the valet and not self-parking for the free validation.

                                        Pictured filet mignon and everything on the plate comes with it. You want side orders they're $3.47 each. Deserts are huge so easily shareable for two.


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                                          I think without drinks and by splitting appetizers and desserts, you absolutely could get out of Jar for around that much:

                                          One appetizer: $12
                                          One ribeye: $32
                                          One pot roast (you gotta try it): $25
                                          Two sides to split: $15
                                          One dessert: $9
                                          Total: $93 before tip/tax

                                          The drinks can add up quick, so watch for that if you decide to, but otherwise, I think you can leave Jar stuffed for your budget. My boyfriend and I don't have a lot of money to spend on restaurants, but we love Jar for special occasions. We liked Porterhouse Bistro as well (quite a few years ago), but Jar is more "special."

                                        2. Billingsley's on Pico at Corinth is very affordable and serves a satisfying steak. Also prime rib. (And the bartenders mix fantastic cocktails.) I used to eat there often when I lived and worked on the west side. I'll also vouch for Taylor's, though I didn't like their prime rib as much; it was cooked more than I like and seemed not to have been adequately salted before cooking.

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                                            Chez Jay is a great bar/restaurant...also the Buggy Whip in Westchester...don't laugh!!

                                          2. How about Lawry's? I've never been, but I have always wanted to try it. Also, Sizzler (and nope, I'm not joking-- I actually like Sizzler). :)


                                            1. I haven't been for several years, but George Petrelli's Steakhouse might suit your needs. Maybe some other CH'rs have some up to date opinions.

                                              George Petrelli's Steak House

                                              5615 Sepulveda Blvd
                                              Culver City, CA 90230
                                              (310) 397-1438

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                                                I go to Petrelli's often. Beef and cocktails are what they do best. -The beef really is very good. The fries are delicious (or baked potato) and the dinner salad with bleu cheese is pretty good. It's a traditional old style restaurant which one can find in almost any big city but sadly seem more scarce in LA. One emphatic recommendation though, make a reservation to have dinner in the bar. It's wonderful whereas they redid the dining room a few years ago and it's very generic.

                                                1. re: Dyspepsia

                                                  Haven't been in many years, but Petrelli's is a lot of fun in the same way as Taylor's. At lunch, lots of Rotarians and CPAs drinking their lunch, at night, it's a real mixed bag from local business men on expense accounts to couples and families. Blue Collar classy, if you know what I mean. I love it, and the steak was always pretty darn good.

                                              2. It's dark and divey, literally, but we love The Galley on Main St. in Santa Monica for steaks - great filet mignon, creamed spinach, cocktails and bleu cheese iceberg salads.

                                                1. What about Daily Grill? I love their skirt steak, which is less than $25 with sides. They have restaurants all over town.