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Apr 27, 2007 11:51 AM

Question re: Farhat's

We've been a few times however the last time we went, there was a new guy ( or maybe not) who we never saw before (new or worked a different shift/day then the times we were there). We found him to be rude ... just wondering if anyone has experienced this as well?

He doesn't look middle eastern like the regular guy or the one who is at the cash and we found these two to be very friendly!. He also shaves the meat differently .... the middle eastern guy shaves the meat directly onto the pita whereas this guy shaves the meat and lets it fall to the bottom of the pan, where it becomes super greasy!

Also, it was dinner time but they had run out of garlic sauce?? We really like their shawarma's so perhaps this is a one time occurence ....

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  1. I was there recently, red dragon. I think I know which dude you mean. He's young, maybe younger than the others, but I did hear him speaking Arabic (I assume). He didn't make my shawarma, so not sure of his preparation style. I'm not sure if they always put garlic sauce on their shawarmas. The recent ones that I ordered had only tahina and hot sauce, I think.

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      Hello Yongeman.
      Yes, that's the guy I was referring to, he looks very young and pale in color. I know they always ask if customers want the sauces or not, but this time, they were out of the garlic sauce completely. I just love that sauce and find the shawarma isn't the same without it, unless I order a Falafel. Thanks for your reply.

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        for what it's worth i stopped going to Farat - while their shwarma is very very good....the rude service and lack of items (they ALWAYS run out of certain things) makes me go elsewhere.

        The problem is that Farhat is too busy to care...they're 40 other similar places in the neighbourhood which no one even steps into.