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Apr 27, 2007 11:15 AM

Baking supply store in NYC

Trying to help a friend on an urgent mission - she is seeking 200 2 oz cups for making flan. I recall a great baking supply store in the W. 20's. Does anyone have the name and address?

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  1. Hi- the place is NY Cake and Baking Dist. at 56 West 22, off 6th Ave.

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    1. re: yting

      I *LOVE* NY Cake Baking Co. - but it may also be worth coming uptown to check out Bridge Kitchen Supply - not as amazing as they used to be when they were farther uptown but still worth a trip.....45th street just off of 3rd Ave.

      1. re: deliciousnyc

        200 sounds like a number for the Bowery. call NYCake and ask/get price if you're not on the East Side

        1. re: deliciousnyc

          I gotta say ... unless you're in the market for high-end copper cookware, or you happen to catch one of their Web specials, or you need some item that you can't get elsewhere, I no longer see any reason to shop at Bridge. Their selection isn't nearly as wide as it used to be, and their prices are consistently higher than those of other retailers. Plus, what fun is it without Fred Bridge there to bully you into buying what he knew you should have, rather than the piece of junk you thought you wanted?

          1. re: Miss Priss

            So true about Fred Bridge .... he's the one that put me onto Sitram - when I inquired about All Clad over the phone, he told me "Madam, we do not carry junk."

            That said - I've been to the new location and I don't know that the selection is less - you just can't see it all - they were very helpful when I was there. Agree that their website specials can be great - used to buy from them a lot when I lived in Miami and they often offered v. cheap or free shipping, even on my Kitchen Aid mixer.