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Apr 27, 2007 10:51 AM

Mother's Day brunch in Vancouver?

What is your recommendation for Mother's Day brunch in Vancouver?

Great food is the focus, while price and ambiance are not a priority : )

Any suggestion/recommendation will be appreciated...........


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  1. One of my mother's favourites is Glowball restaurant (Yaletown) on a sunny day. A creative extension of a traditional brunch menu and perfectly done food. The service is professional and consistently good. The covered heated patio is garden like and is great in a spring day. I took my parents there when they visited me for a workday lunch and they loved it so much they asked to go back! The inside of the restaurant is minimalist and a bit dark for a spring brunch unless you are a large party (the only table near the window is a large round group table seating around eight)

    1. From Glowbal:

      ~ glowbal Benedict with Pancetta $10
      spicy New York fries and baby greens
      ~ Belgian Waffle $10
      caramelized banana, white chocolate mousse
      ~ BC Smoked Salmon Benedict $11
      poached eggs, dill cream cheese on a cheddar biscuit
      ~ P.E.I. Lobster Benedict $17
      poached eggs and hollandaise on a herb potato croquette
      ~ Mini Beef Wellington Surf & Turf $19
      puff pastry, forest mushroom, baby spinach, grilled tiger prawn
      ~glowbal Omelette Florentine $12
      spinach, shallots, Swiss mornay sauce
      ~ B.C. Dungeness Crab, Mascarpone & Asparagus Omelette $15
      Yukon potato hash, baby greens and roasted tomatoes

      ~ Lobster Bisque $9
      brandy cream
      ~ Caesar Salad with Shaved Reggiano $8
      roasted garlic dressing, parmesan croutons
      ~ Cajun-Spiced Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad $14
      mesclun, crisp pancetta, blue cheese, avocado, tomatoes, quail eggs, blue cheese dressing
      ~ glowbal Caprese Salad $12
      vine-ripened tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil, pickled red onion
      ~ Grilled Halibut Salad with Avocado and Corn Salsa $16
      cous cous à la grecque, roasted pimento vinaigrette
      ~ Ahi Tuna Nicoise $15
      green beans, fingerling potatoes, olives, citrus vinaigrette, quail eggs

      ~ Risotto of Wild Mushrooms $14
      lemon rocket, parmesan, greens
      ~ Pan-Seared BC Salmon $16
      fingerling potatoes, forest mushrooms, watercress compote, basil infused olive oil
      ~ Lobster & Crab “4 Cheese Grilled Cheese” $16
      brie, parmesan, mascarpone and gruyere
      ~ Fettuccine Lobster Pasta $19
      PEI lobster, tomato, basil, XVOO
      ~ Grilled Chicken and Smoked Gouda Wrap $11
      roasted peppers, onions, fries, sun-dried tomato and basil dip

      `MUM’S PLATTER FOR TWO’ $20 per person
      Ahi Tuna Tartare, Crab Cakes, Tempura Tiger Prawns, Swedish Gravlax, Duck Spring Roll, Braised Short Ribs, Asparagus, Buffalo Mozzarella, Italian Artichokes.

      1. From Sanafir:

        SUNDAY, MAY 13

        Mother’s Mimosa $8
        -Fresh Orange Juice, Mumm’s Champagne

        Mumm’s Champagne $99 bottle

        ~ Any choice of three $15

        Italian Style Frittata
        -Chorizo sausage, artichokes, zucchini and peppers

        Poached Egg
        -Over Moroccan spiced vegetable hash, lamb sausage

        Chinese Five-Spiced Brioche French Toast
        -With double smoked bacon

        Poached Free-Range Egg
        -Pancetta and foccacia with blood orange hollandaise

        Chicken and Vegetable Samosa
        -Apricot chutney and mango lassi

        Steamed Shrimp Har Gow
        -With spicy sauce served Dim Sum style

        Rolled Omelette
        -Dungeness crab, bistro prawns, asparagus, and Emmental cheese

        Layered Potato Tower
        -Crab, mussels, prawns, traditional harissa dressing

        Lobster and Mascarpone
        -Florentine over foccacia with a lobster nage

        CHEF’S FEATURE $18
        Grill Beef Tenderloin Wrapped with Pancetta
        Eggs Florentine with Lobster Mascarpone Cheese
        Vegetable Hash with Red Wine Demi Glaze

        Grilled Naan Bread with Hommus and Roasted Garlic $6
        Traditional Bread Salad $8
        Herbed Mushroom Risotto $12
        Lobster Risotto $18

        DESSERT TRIO $9
        Pecan & Hazelnut Baklava
        -Candied citrus and burnt orange sauce

        Sesame & Red Bean Mille Feuille
        -Lychee-raspberry sauce

        Warm Chocolate Tamarind Cake
        -Belgian chocolate ganache

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          1. I have been to Glowbal for two Mother's Days.....excellent! Lovely, tasty food, great presentation.....