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Apr 27, 2007 10:36 AM

Dinning suggestions in Turks and Caicos?

Anyone have any restaurants suggestions for Turks and Caicos in particular Provo? I will be going there in a few months for my honeymoon would love some ideas, especially places that service food that is appealing to a vegetarian and a meat eater. Thanks

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  1. Lvmil:

    T&C hasnt received the most favorable reviews from members of this board but I really enjoyed the food there. This link was a review I wrote when we went March of last year.

    Assuming these places are still open I would go again to all except Bay Bistro. Another place I wanted to try but was booked for the week I was there was Anacaona.
    Have a great trip.


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      Anacaona on Grace Bay is the most expensive place on Provo. You will pay for the view and the food in a proportion of your pleasure, but the bill will be over $200, whatever your pleasure. Ivmil, you say "vegetarian and a meat eater"; is there any common ground, like, say, lobsters? If so, I can set you up..

    2. I have been to Provo three times and hands down Coyaba is my favorite restaurant on the island. The Thai Yellow Tail Snapper, Gnocchi, Shrimp Bisque, Lobster Thermador (if you like old school), and house made Apple Pie are dishes I recommend.

      O Soliel is also very good and more successfully contemporary than most restaurants in the Caribbean.

      Aqua Bar And Terrace has good food and is more casual and less expensive than most of the very high priced restaurants on the island. Chef Clive does interesting things with Conch like smoked Conch . Conch is usually rubbery and not very good but this is more than edible and worth experiencing.

      Smokey's on Da Beach is a local joint with very good deep fried whole Caribbean Red Snapper . This frying technique creates a moist flesh that is not greasy . They serve sides of rice with peas (which are actually beans) , Corn on the cob, homemade macaroni and cheese,and homemade bread. They also have good PiƱa Coladas.

      Da Conch Shack is another place serving local food which is good. The conch fritters are possibly the best that I have had but you still really do not taste Conch, just fried batter with something rubbery in it. . The curried Conch is tender and has good flavor. The curried shrimp and boiled shrimp are both good. They serve whole fried snapper but were out of it when I have been there. Fair warning , do not go if you are not prepared to wait an hour or more for your food, but it is right on the beach and the ocean is beautiful.

      Anaconda has been good in the past but I was very disappointed with the food this last trip. I must say that the atmosphere is great dining almost on the beach with a beautiful view of the lights around the bay at night.

      Magnolia was not good at all. I call this type of restaurant "Upscale Institutional " ,some people call it Cater food or Hotel food. Institutional food trying to masquerade as fine dining. As soon as I saw the single piece of steamed Broccoli, three slices of steamed Carrots , and a slice of steamed Zucchini all in butter sauce on the side of my plate I knew what to most likely expect. A ton of Black Olive Tapanade straight from a jar was dumped over a small piece of fried Grouper and of course the steamed vegetable side. The Tapanade itself was not good but even if it was , it totally overpowered the fish and had no business being there. Another dish, sesame crusted Tuna was dry and flavorless from first being a bad cut of fish and second having nothing done to it at all like a marinade of at least olive oil before cooking. Then they cut the fish so wide that there was a two and a half inch section of fish that was raw and ice cold in the middle of where it had been seared on the sides. I like my Tuna rare and I like sashimi but this was pathetic, it was not sashimi quality Tuna. Gnocchi in a sage butter sauce had no sage butter sauce and the Gnocchi was not really Gnocchi but deep fried and heavy on the potato but it was actually the only dish that was ok.

      Hemingway's food was ok but in the Upscale Institutional vein and I would not recommend it.

      Grace's Cottage was extremely expensive and was very Upscale Institutional. They did not have a clue how to put together food that worked, it just looked like trendy food but failed miserably.

      Bella Luna is terrible Italian food.

      Matsuri Shshi bar was surprisingly very good .

      Fresh 1lb. Spiney Lobster tails are $18 a piece at the Fish Plant on the South side of the island and you can buy fish there from the fishermen when their boats come in at around 4;30 P.M.
      They will filet the fish for you and I paid $10 for two good size fish , about 4 to 5 lbs filleted. I recommend Yellow tail Snapper , Mutton Snapper , Caribbean Red Snapper,or Grouper.

      Bangkok Express is take out Thai food that is not bad.

      Las Brisas on Chalk Sound serves Paella to order (45 min to prepare) the owner is from Madrid. It is $55 for the Seafood Rice which serves 2. There is a lot of seafood , Lobster ,shrimp, clams,and calamari. The rice was too mushy for my taste but it was still pretty good. Check out this link for the best Paella you have ever had (use La Preferida Pearl rice)

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      1. re: Michael K

        Michael K:

        After reading though your review I followed your recommendation and went to Coyaba. It was a truly excellent meal, thanks so much for the recommendation and great review.