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Recs needed for Celebratory Dinner in Morgan State U. Area

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Hubby's graduating from U of M School, but ceremony is at the Fine Arts Center at Morgan State in Bmore and I don't know the area. 2.5 sets of parents + aunt + me looking for elegant but tasty place to eat in that vicinity folloing a 1:00 ceremony on a Thursday. All of us are fooodies and a bit on the adventurous side. Also needs to be fairly easy to find as family not comfortable driving around a large city. Please help!

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  1. If you're looking for a late lunch around 3pm, your options in that area are limited. But if you can wait until an early dinner, there's a real gem in Northeast Baltimore called Chameleon Cafe. I haven't been yet but all my friends who have rave about it. It's probably less than 10 minutes from Morgan State, on Harford Road. Check out their website: www.chameleoncafe.com.

    Or, there's always the chain restaurants out by White Marsh that are open all afternoon. Bo Brooks in Canton may also be open.

    1. There is a restaurant called Taste located about three miles from Morgan at Belvedere Square where you can have a great meal. www.tasterestaurant.biz; great reviews

      1. Both Chameleon & Taste are great choices; my preference is Chameleon but you can look at the menus & pick; I would make a reservation..soon!