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Apr 27, 2007 10:20 AM

Sushi in NYC

Can anyone suggest a great sushi restaurant in NYC? Yeah, I know there are a lot but reviews seem to be all over the board, unless you go to Masa and spend $400/person, which I won't do. Staying in Midtown on the east side, but anywhere in the area is fine. Thanks.

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  1. Oh bother. This was my first post and I realized that I posted in the wrong spot. I actually saw a comment about sushi place in Manhattan. Sorry folks. But, does anyone else have a suggestion? Thanks.

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      I like Jewel Bako. It isn't too pricey (although definitely not cheap sushi) I forget how much we ended up paying when we went but I loved it and we are going again tonight. Very good quality.

      My friend also recommended sushi seki - never been here yet.

    2. there are plenty of sushi in NYC threads. midtown east? Sushi Yasuda and Kuruma Zushi are absolutely tops - in the city (and although not cheap, nowhere near Masa prices). if you are in Union Sq area, 15 East - it's new and former Jewel Bako sushi chef is there now

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        Blue Ribbon Sushi . . . Enjoy. Eric

      2. Sushi Yasuda! I was in NY last week and went to Sushi Yasuda, in the top 3 sushi sushi places I've been to anywhere. It is not THAT expensive - I believe we paid about $150 including various drinks etc. and it was terrific. Reserve and sit at the sushi bar as Chef Yasuda is very interactive and will teach you a ton you didn't know about the food. Located at 204 East 43rd Street New York City 10017 tel 212.972.1001