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Apr 27, 2007 10:15 AM

For you condiment freaks out there ...

I find this website fascinating for some bizarre reason ...

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  1. Bizarre! Can't believe he has a selection of t shirts. I will have to show my ne3ice- she LOVES condiment packages. Brings them home and wants me to save them. She insists the ketchup is better from them ( maybe it is- I am not a huge ketchup fan). I throw them away when she is not looking. Then again, maybe I won't show her this site- may give her some ideas- or she can send all her packets for Chris!

    1. What an odd idea for a website. I'm not surprised the URL wasn't taken :).

      I'm one of these people who save all their condiment packages for use at home. I prefer not to get any at all, especially when they have a dispenser or if I'm eating at home, but if I see leftovers I almost always take them. They go into a huge jar at home in the fridge for later use in brown bag lunches, picnics, or just when we run out of a big bottle of ketchup.

      I do the same thing with napkins...I'll even take the napkins of the people I'm eating with. Guess it's how I was raised.

      1. I had no idea there were so many! I have a tendency to just throw them into a plastic storage container in a kitchen drawer when I get delivery, and use what I have on hand to season the food. But sometimes I use them to conduct experiments in the kitchen. I've always been amused that my fave Chinese takeout gives me the cheap soy in the clear packet for the typical take out fare, but always throws in a Kikkoman packet when I get sushi.

        1. There's actually a site that sells almost anything and everything you could possible need in single serving sizes...of course I can remember the url.

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              Love this site- We have a family wedding this summer- and we have taken over an old inn in the western part of MA. A lot of the kids are going to camp out for the extended weekend, and I am going to make a gift pack for them. Free shipping withh orders over $20.00. The kids will love it.

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                I've always searched for travel sized items, this site is so helpful.

            2. thank you for my new desktop background!