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Apr 27, 2007 09:59 AM

Best Sushi in Manhatten

Hi Chowhounds,
Appologies if this has been posted before but i'm in NYC for one weekend only at the end of May.

I'm looking for great Sushi which i hear you're good at.
My main criteria:
Value for money counts lots.
I don't mind where it is - good food is worth travelling to.
The food should be the star, i'm less worried about service.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

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    1. re: LFeinberg

      Sasabune. However, read the threads and then decide.

      1. re: LFeinberg

        Sasabune is clearly not in the top tier. Fish is crudely cut, service is rushed, and the variety of selection is not wide. Sasabune coasts on its CA reputation - and even in CA, it hasn't been good for a long time. For some bizarre reason, Sasabune is "hip" now in NYC - probably because it's a music biz hangout in CA and now is also to some extent in NYC - but is it absolutely not top tier sushi. Stick with Yasuda, Kuruma, Ushiwakamaru, Seki, Gari.

      2. Sush of Gari UES location
        Omakase menu

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          1. Again I must recommend Jewel Bako. Sushi is fabulous and icing on the cake... service is phenomenal. I've been there twice and came out with the total bill under $200 per couple (including wine and sake) with more than full bellies!

            Negitoro large roll is one of my favorites there.

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            1. re: FIFO22

              Jewel Bako is a shadow of its former self, unfortunately. 15 East should have been on my earlier is wonderful. The former Jewel Bako chef is there now.

              1. re: gutsofsteel

                Thanks everyone. From what i've read here and elsewhere on the board I've booked in at Yasuda infront of Yasuda. Shoud i be slightly scared, i'm happy to try anything but i'm not that clued up about sushi?

                1. re: FatEddy

                  Nope it is amazing. You will come out very happy. BTW their vanilla ice cream is outstanding if you want dessert.