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Best Sushi in Manhatten

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Hi Chowhounds,
Appologies if this has been posted before but i'm in NYC for one weekend only at the end of May.

I'm looking for great Sushi which i hear you're good at.
My main criteria:
Value for money counts lots.
I don't mind where it is - good food is worth travelling to.
The food should be the star, i'm less worried about service.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

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  1. Sushi Yasuda

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    1. re: LFeinberg

      Sasabune. However, read the threads and then decide.

      1. re: LFeinberg

        Sasabune is clearly not in the top tier. Fish is crudely cut, service is rushed, and the variety of selection is not wide. Sasabune coasts on its CA reputation - and even in CA, it hasn't been good for a long time. For some bizarre reason, Sasabune is "hip" now in NYC - probably because it's a music biz hangout in CA and now is also to some extent in NYC - but is it absolutely not top tier sushi. Stick with Yasuda, Kuruma, Ushiwakamaru, Seki, Gari.

      2. Sush of Gari UES location
        Omakase menu

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        1. re: laughinglulu

          FYI, omakase menu is an oxymoron.

        2. 15 East
          Sumile Sushi

          1. Again I must recommend Jewel Bako. Sushi is fabulous and icing on the cake... service is phenomenal. I've been there twice and came out with the total bill under $200 per couple (including wine and sake) with more than full bellies!

            Negitoro large roll is one of my favorites there.

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            1. re: FIFO22

              Jewel Bako is a shadow of its former self, unfortunately. 15 East should have been on my earlier list...it is wonderful. The former Jewel Bako chef is there now.

              1. re: gutsofsteel

                Thanks everyone. From what i've read here and elsewhere on the board I've booked in at Yasuda infront of Yasuda. Shoud i be slightly scared, i'm happy to try anything but i'm not that clued up about sushi?

                1. re: FatEddy

                  Nope it is amazing. You will come out very happy. BTW their vanilla ice cream is outstanding if you want dessert.