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Using my Italian tuna packed in Olive oil-recipe ideas

What's the best way to eat this? Any one have simple recipe ideas?

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  1. a tuna mousse and serve on toasted bread/crostini. Drizzle with fruity EVOO

    1. a nice tuna Nicoise salad, I use to make a non-mayo based tuna salad and use in wraps and regular sandwiches. I also really like tuna in oil for making fish cakes. I use leftover potatoes, smashed - with celery chopped onion, one egg and a smidge of flour both as a binder and seasoned as a coating. Usually I serve with a big green salad

      1. I simply adore a great olive oil packed tuna.
        It's fantastic on top of a salad (castillian style) made with iceberg lettuce, cukes, tomatoes and corn. Dress with olive oil and a sherry vinegar.
        Otherwise, I love to put it in a pasta sauce - tomato, capers, onions and garlic and hot pepper flakes.

        1. i cook pasta and toss with pesto and let cool. add parmigiano, baby spinach, olives, almond slivers and the tuna. toss.

          1. Marcella Hazan has a really wonderful recipe for red pasta sauce that uses tuna packed in o.oil. i don't actually have it (somehow lost that cookbook) but it's really worth tracking down.

            1. When I was in Rome and staying at my friend's house, his mom made a great salad with just tuna, fresh tomatoes and corn. I've found this only tastes good when you have good Italian tuna, so that's what I'd do!

              1. I usually start to make a sort of Spanish salad thing with cooked cubed potatoes, tuna, parsley, sherry vinegar and olive oil. Then I look around the kitchen and usually add some other stuff in. Sometimes cannelini beans, anchovies, capers, nice cheese....

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                  Use the oil from the tuna to saute some garlic. Add the tuna and 8 oz. can tomato sauce and cook a few minutes. Then add capers, halved kalamata olives, parsley, and toss with fusilli. You'll like it!

                  (Edited to say: Sorry, I clicked the wrong "reply" button, and this is in the wrong place. Lol, I cook better than I operate a computer.

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                    I think yours is similar to the Hazan recipe I mentioned above but I believe she 1st "melts" some anchovies in the oil (adds a great NON-fishy flavor), uses canned whole tomatoes instead of sauce, and lets it all cook longer.

                    (BTW, don't feel bad about where your reply is -- new formatting means you have to return to the top of the thread and reply to the original post which is confusing & frustrating. There are a whole lot of people making exactly your mistake.)

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                      Thanks for those kind words, JenMarie.

                      I like the idea of using anchovies! Will have to try that. Normally I'm not fond of fish with anything tomato-ey, but this is the exception. And (except for parsley, which can be omitted if necessary), everything can be kept on the shelf for an emergency meal.

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                        From my nonna: wedges of tomato, sliced red onion, tuna, lots of dried oregano, salt, peper, good olive oil, a touch of red wine vinegar. Crusty italian bread--whole wheat works very well.

                2. drain the tuna, toss with a can of good quality white beans (rinsed and drained well), some diced red onion, and chopped parsley. dress with olive oil, lots of lemon juice, and salt & pepper to taste. this is wonderful on top of crusty bread or in radicchio leaves.

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                  1. One of my favorite simple recipes for using Italian tuna:



                    1. I'm completely addicted to tuna packed in oil. These are some of my go to recipes:
                      http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/it... (for this I leave out the butter and sub in sour cream so it's slightly less decadent)

                      1. Veal tonnato. One of the 20 dishes ever in my book. BTW, it's the sauce that made with tuna;
                        you don't have to use veal -- chicken would work.

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                          Pork also works well - that's how I use up leftover pork roast.