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Apr 27, 2007 09:55 AM

Using my Italian tuna packed in Olive oil-recipe ideas

What's the best way to eat this? Any one have simple recipe ideas?

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  1. a tuna mousse and serve on toasted bread/crostini. Drizzle with fruity EVOO

    1. a nice tuna Nicoise salad, I use to make a non-mayo based tuna salad and use in wraps and regular sandwiches. I also really like tuna in oil for making fish cakes. I use leftover potatoes, smashed - with celery chopped onion, one egg and a smidge of flour both as a binder and seasoned as a coating. Usually I serve with a big green salad

      1. I simply adore a great olive oil packed tuna.
        It's fantastic on top of a salad (castillian style) made with iceberg lettuce, cukes, tomatoes and corn. Dress with olive oil and a sherry vinegar.
        Otherwise, I love to put it in a pasta sauce - tomato, capers, onions and garlic and hot pepper flakes.

        1. i cook pasta and toss with pesto and let cool. add parmigiano, baby spinach, olives, almond slivers and the tuna. toss.

          1. Marcella Hazan has a really wonderful recipe for red pasta sauce that uses tuna packed in o.oil. i don't actually have it (somehow lost that cookbook) but it's really worth tracking down.