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Apr 27, 2007 09:46 AM

Mississippi River Valley Eats?

We are headed to the "100 Mile Garage Sale" next weekend, which runs from Red Wing, MN down to Winona, and back up on the Wisconsin side. What recommendations do you have for the "can't miss" food opportunities?

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  1. Consider Nosh in Lake City (Minnesota side, one block toward the river from the downstream stoplight on U.S. 61 in the Lake City business district), which has a menu using a lot of locally available foods and overlooks the lower half of the Lake City Marina. Harbor View in Pepin (Wisconsin side, on the waterfront overlooking the Pepin Marina) is also excellent. Nosh takes reservations and is open for lunch or dinner on week ends. Harbor View has not taken reservations in the past. See my post 7-10 days ago re Nosh moving from Wabasha to Lake City.

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      I've been thinking you should save eating mighty fine food for another day....why not enjoy a less crowded, more leisurely meal another day. While the Harbor View is a great place, with no reservations taken you could blow several hours of valuable garage sale-ing. There are lots of casual spots that are more appropriate for the activity.

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        >> There are lots of casual spots that are more appropriate for the activity.

        DaKing, any specific recommendations? I'd love to know about good places that are less fancy and time-consuming than the Harbor View!


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 Wabasha there's a Mexican place, and a deli nearby(it was for sale last time I was there). In Nelson there's the Cheese Store(or?), an unassuming place with great fixin's and sandwiches/wine, I think. In Stockholm there's Bogus Creek Cafe just up the hill a block,also Gelly's. Maiden Rock has a bakery that's really good(I'd bet a late visit will find the shelves empty). Pepin also has The Pickle Factory right on the river. Bay City has a new place made out of a caboose with custard, hot dogs, etc. There's plenty more..

          These aren't necessarily Chowhound quality, and I haven't been to them all...just somewhat interesting. Sorry for the lack of specific names, in these small towns, you just wander til you see what you're looking for.

          1. re: DaKing

            I perhaps misunderstood the initial post, so would like to add some other choices. The Mexican restaurant in Wabasha is run by the same family that operates one in Winona. There is a new Irish pub on Main Street in Wabasha which has some ethnic dishes, and there is a chinese place across the street. In Nelson, you could consider the Cheese Factory which is on Highway 35 in the south end of town and has great sandwiches and ice cream,, or Beth's cafe (plain but good and plentiful country cooking) just another block south.

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              Thanks for the suggestions, you have all made me aware of locations that I was not previously familiar with. Although there may not be many "Chowhound quality" restaurants along the route, I consider a great burger or quality pastry to be a "food opportunity" (that's another topic itself) so all suggestions are welcome.